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Kelly | 6 comments This is a new post so all my other posts are in one place.

06/29/2009 07:21AM
I've earned 15 points for reading a book recommended to me but not yet read. It's a YA book called City of Glass and is the third in a series recommended to me by Connie Fitzgerald.

The premise of the book is that humans live in constant danger due to the existence of werewolves, vampires, fairies, and most dangerous of all, demons. A select group of angel-descendents, known as "Shadowhunters," kill demons and keep the others away from humans.

All these teen books that involve the supernatural sound a little sketchy when you try to describe them, BUT I do recommend the series!

15 points

Once I got over the co-author of "Pearl Harbor" being Newt Gingrich, I enjoyed the story very much. Lots of great background on what led to the actual bombing and entrance of the United States into WWII. 10 on to "Mary Poppins," a little light reading for a series that rocked my socks back in the day!

25 points total


07/01/2009 08:40PM

I just finished my vacation-themed book, Sandcastles. I picked it up because the word "sand" was in the title and that is it's only virtue, as far as I'm concerned! Sort of a ready-for-the-Lifetime-Channel kind of a story - blech! But, I took a chance and earned 5 points for the trouble.

30 points total

07/02/2009 06:38AM
I really have to recommend the "Mary Poppins" series to people who have kids for whom bedtime stories are a necessity. I re-read the first book, which contains all the story lines from the Disney movie and a grossly-mischaracterized Mary Poppins, and remember how exciting the stories were when I read them the first time.

First, as opposed to all things Disney, Mary Poppins is NOT a sweet person. She is vain, demanding, and teaches hard lessons with magic. Just like the fairy tales from long ago, there's a point to each chapter and it's not always reached without a little scare.

A chapter I really love (and has stayed with me since I first read the series) has the twins, Barbara and John, declaring from their cribs in the nursery how they'll never forget how to communicate with things in nature. It's a bitter-sweet story about growing up. The other chapter I enjoy is the pasting the stars in the sky chapter.

P. L. Travers wrote these books just before and during WWII. I bought two sets of the series last year when I found them at Costco and am eager to finish reading them to see the connections that might exist between the time period and the story lines.

35 points total

07/06/2009 07:33AM

Wow! It was hard to find a book for some of these categories. Yes, I could have gone to the catalog and looked something up, but that's not my style. I wandered through the stacks until something popped out at me.

The most recent book I read fit the "red, white, or blue in the title" category. It is called The Red Scarf and is about two women in a 1930's era Soviet work camp in Siberia. I learned a lot more about the events that followed the Bolshevik Revolution and the story line was interesting, too, although it got a little weird once "magic" entered the picture.

40 points total

07/07/2009 03:03PM

My title for the food category was "Buffalo Bill's Defunct," and I have absolutely NO idea what that title is about. The book, written by a Washingtonina and set in the southern part of the state, is a lightweight mystery. Again, I had trouble finding a book featuring a food I could eat - I'm diabetic - and settled on this title because the food is a protein. As if selecting the book weren't hard enough, I then realized I have NO IDEA where to buy buffalo nor how to prepare it should it be located. I hope it is not cheating that I took myself to Tatanka on Pearl St. and ate buffalo there instead of cooking it myself.

45 point total

07/07/2009 03:34PM

Summer is for light reading, damn it, so I served myself up some John Grisham and some John Lescroart, probably as light as you can get without falling into the Romance category - ack! The Grisham title was "The Appeal," and is the first of his books I've read that didn't have a happy ending, the bad guys losing scads of money, the good guys triumphant, and someone laying on a sunny beach with a foo-foo drink in hand. In fact, this was one of the most depressing - but all too true - books I've tackled so far this summer. I'm a happy-ending girl, but it was surprising in a good way that Grisham didn't wrap the whole thing up in a pretty bow like he usually does.

The John Lescroart book, "Rasputin's Revenge," is one of his earliest works. I've loved his Dismas Hardy mystery series and discovered this unrelated title by accident. It is the second featuring Auguste Lupa, supposedly the son of Sherlock Holmes. I will go back to read the first one soon. I kind of have a Russian thing going on this summer, it seems, as this novel also features the days of the Russian Revolution!

70 points total

07/14/2009 08:17AM

I read "Greywalker" by local author Kat Richardson, whose birthday is in May. This is a series about a female private detective who, after being clinically dead for two minutes, has encounters with the dead and the mostly dead. I'm getting the rest of this series ASAP!

75 points

In the "book narrated by a child" category, I just finished the first of the Olympians series, called "The Lightning Thief." Enjoyable, light reading and I've got the other four books ready to read. I'm pretty sure this one is coming out as a movie soon, too.

80 points

message 2: by Kelly (new)

Kelly | 6 comments Additions to the "book narrated by a child" category (all from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians): The Sea of Monsters (5 pts.), The Titan's Curse (5 pts.), and The Battle of the Labyrinth (5 pts.) I'm on the waiting list for the last book in the series and don't know if I'll get it before the deadline!

Oh, and the first book is coming out as a movie in February. The preview in the movie theatre was what interested me in the series. I hope Hollywood does justice to the books...the cast is incredible!

95 points

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