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*This is a 2-month challenge
*One book can count for as many items as you would like.
*You can read as many or as little books as necessary to get all the items.
*Whoever finds all the items first wins or whoever has found the most items by the closing date will win. Closing date July 31st.
*Second place will be able to pick the next challenge for the group. First place will be able to choose one of the MRs in August for the group to read.
*You can re-read a book. Make sure that the book is added to your bookshelf
*To count in this challenge you must go to the challenge link and join there. There are 3 levels to this challenge: Beginner, Intermediate and Difficult. Then for each book you HAVE to post a comment like this:


Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Finshed: 7/14/13
Rating: 5 stars
Review: I really enjoyed this book. Nick was a cute character. The author portrayed the youthful awkward teenager role really well. The book was funny, but the climax and explaination was a little weird. Maybe I just need to go back and re-read to understand what was really going on there. *5 sentences*
Items Found (7): Nick, Caleb, School, Store, Famous Landmark, Demon, Shapeshifter
Items Left: 33

Boys Names
1. Adrian
2. Aiden
3. Brandon
4. Caleb
5. Cameron
6. Connor
7. Daniel
8. Dave/David
9. Sam/Samuel
10. Sebastian
11. Thomas

Girls Names
12. Allison
13. Anna
14. Ashley
15. Ava
16. Bailey
17. Bella
18. Emily
19. Emma
20. Eva
21. Faith
22. Grace

23. Mountain
24. Country Road
25. Beach
26. Island
27. Famous Landmark
28. Forest
29. Airport/Plane
30. Hotel/Motel
31. Cabin
32. Restaurant
33. Movie Theater

34. Werewolf
35. Mythological Creature/God/Goddess
36. Vampire
37. Alien
38. Cyborg
39. Pirate
40. Superhuman
41. Doctor/Nurse
42. Police Officer

Beginning Level Items:
To complete the beginning level, you must find all the boy and girl names listed.

Intermediate Level Items:
To complete the intermediate level, you must find all of the boy, girl, and place items.

Difficult Level Items:
To complete the difficult level, you must find all of the items.

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Valencia (empowered) | 1777 comments Mod
I'm going to go for the Difficult Level! I'm not sure how well I'll do but Im excited :)

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