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Fishface | 12123 comments

I am dreading going home and re-opening Badd Newz: The Untold Story Of The Michael Vick Dog Fighting Case. It's horrific. But read I must as it's for the challenge of the month, and the next book I find might be even worse. It reminds me of -- it's like a puppy-dog version of Final Truth: The Autobiography of Mass Murderer/Serial Killer Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins.

Anyone struggle with a TC book's contents lately?

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K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1271 comments There are certain things I just won't read, and many of them involve dogs/other animals.

message 3: by Jay (last edited Jun 07, 2017 08:55PM) (new)

Jay (mrisolatedalienated) Although I am fine with reading about serial killers who abused animals in their lives. Even tortured them. I have also watched slaughter house footage and how fur is made....I've seen some horrible scenes of animal cruelty but I only watched it for a few minutes or a seconds and never again.

I love a lot of retro movies and some of my favorite films [mainly from the 70s] has real life animals being killed or harmed in the film. I still enjoy the films and I will continue to watch them. I don't condone the animal cruelty but it doesn't change the fact that the film is really good.

I would never read Badd Newz.
I've already seen the disgusting result of the torture these dogs were put through. I've already read some of the reports of abuse....i don't need to go into detail in a book about it.

I do not believe in sugar coating bigotry or crimes.
I fully support publishing such horrible content and I believe that if your into true crime you should see at least some of it.

This isn't a movie. This is reality. So I've seen some really gory and graphic crime scene photos. Richard Chase victims, O.J Simpson crime scene photos, Manson crime photos, etc.

I also got footage of the Mcdonald's massacre and the part where my anger get's flaired is when the camera focuses on the infant baby on the floor between it's parents. I have to look away at that point but I do appreciate that I got a copy of it because it's a case I've studied a lot. One of my favorites and I don't want to sugar coat the horrible crime.

When it comes to animals and infants...that is where even I start to feel sick and angry. I'm an animal lover. A big dog lover.

Even though I find Pee Wee Gaskins pretty interesting.....what he did to one victim...I am anti death penalty but you know what? Even I am glad he got electrocuted. He deserved it.

So although I have 2 documentaries on Pee Wee gaskins I will not read a book about it...although I have thought about it.

The main reason I've watched slaughter house footage is because I eat meat. If eating meat is something I'm going to indulge in, then I think I should watch how it's prepared.

I watched how fur is made to be informed on how bad that industry is. I am anti fur and I am against sugar coating.

This is why I appreciate books that have no limits when it comes to the most graphic and horribleness of the crimes committed.

It's very much like bombing footage from vietnam and seeing mothers holding their dead babies walking away from the explosion and that little girl who was running away completely naked crying her eyes out.

Before that infamous photo was published there were people who either wanted to censor the nudity or not publish it. I say SHAME on them.

So I fully support Badd Newz.
I just won't personally read it.
I've seen it enough.

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