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message 1: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Hi all!

Sorry it took so long to get this up. Now. Let's get to know each other! If you were invited by me, then it was because we have some favorite authors in common. I'd love to find some more, wouldn't you?

So... tell us who you are, what you like to read and anything else you'd like to tell us.

message 2: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments I'll start!

I'm Tracy. (TC is my author name). I was never a very fast reader. I like to savor books, so I go slowly. Very slowly. Because of that, I don't get very many books read, and I'm picky about books I can actually get into.

I'm a Christian, so I like to read things that at the very least align with my values. I don't get into horror or romance much. But I like sci-fi and fantasy the best. YA books are usually about my speed. I hate to say it, but I mostly read what's popular in mainstream. That's why I am trying to find new authors to support!

message 3: by Lacey (new)

Lacey (crazdwriter) | 4 comments Hi my name is Lacey and I also by CrazdWriter, a nickname my mom gave because I love to write and it has stuck ever since. I love to read horror, mystery, fantasy, YA, children books (I was a Preschool Teacher for 14 years and now a mother to a book worm 3 year old), sometimes nonfiction, Steampunk Paranormal both fiction and nonfiction, and some Sci-Fi. Not a huge fan of romance but I do write a specific genre in romance from time to time.

I also write everything that I read except still very new to the world of Steampunk. Also struggling with children books but eh I'll get there lol. And I don't write much nonfiction but I'll start that too one day.

I am a slow reader but love it and the best part is that I can read several books at one time, know what had happened and where I left off in each book even if I'm reading one, two, or five books at a time.

message 4: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Hi Lacey! Glad to meet you, and also glad to hear I'm not the only slow reader! Preschool teacher, huh? God bless you. My daughter teaches preschool at church, and I always tell her it takes a special kind of patient person to do that. (I taught 6th grade.)

message 5: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Byrd (kevinmbyrd) | 6 comments Hi Lacey and TC. I'm Kevin. 61, a wannabe writer who wrote a taste of eternity, ultimately about a vampires who meet Christians and wind up protecting missionaries. As far as fantasy, I suppose the Lord of the Rings, which if you google cs lewis you'll find that the authors cs lewis and the author of Lord of the rings (which i can't think of right now) were good friends and discussed narnia and lord of the rings with regards to their Christian symbolism. i really like all kinds of things. I like Christian fiction with a story and a message, yet I also find that there are a few authors out there that seem to put out product just to sell and it isn't well written. It is rather shallow. anyhow, lived in illinois, wisconsin, colorado and now alabama. great to communicate about books.

message 6: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Hi Kevin! Nice to have you here. I had heard about Lewis and Tolkein (Lord of the Rings) and their friends, but not until just a few years ago. It made me go back to look through the Lord of the Rings to look for Christian symbolism. (I love that kind of thing too!)

Yes, a pet peeve of mine is self-published authors who do not invest in a good editor. We all think our books are good, and we think after we've read through it twice that we've caught all the errors. Nothing wakes you up as much as getting your edits back from your editor and seeing page after page of line changes! (But to be honest, I love that. It's a challenge to improve.) I could never trust myself to self-publish.

All the best to you with your book (interesting premise!) and settling in the state of your choice!

message 7: by Dustin (new)

Dustin Thank you for invite, T.C! I'm happy to be here.:)

message 8: by Diana (new)

Diana Hill | 2 comments Hi everyone, my name is Diana. I love to read and have been a reader since I was in the 4th grade. I love all types of books but my favorite are mystery, bible fiction and fantasy. I am a christian so I tend to read from christian authors but if a book is recommend to me like the hunger games than I will read it. I have four boys, two grandsons and one grandaughter. I have homeschooled my last three boys. I live in Nevada. Since I joined goodreads I have found a lot of good authors.

message 9: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Byrd (kevinmbyrd) | 6 comments welcome Dustin.

message 10: by RLB (new)

RLB Hartmann (rlbh) | 1 comments Hey, all. Known in some circles as LuciBuck (one word, two capitals; long story), my writer name is RLB Hartmann and I have a profile here and elsewhere. After POD publishing 12 novels, I've abandoned other manuscripts left unfinished for a variety of reasons, and recently returned to being a painter in many mediums. I read almost every day, but am lax about reviewing even when I really like an author or the work. As a retired English teacher, I felt capable of editing my novels, with the input of an all-novelists writers' group, and by having my husband read proof copies aloud so I could make copious notes on what was needed before hitting "publish." Due to time constraints, I don't expect to be very active in this group, but I'm interested in following the discussions.

message 11: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Carter (bysarahannecarter) | 6 comments Hi :) I'm Sarah Anne Carter and I've been an avid reader my whole life. I'm working on my first novel, but I have a blog where I post book reviews on Mondays and Fridays and host a monthly online book club - I post at least part of my reviews on Goodreads, too. My favorite genre to read is historical fiction, but I read a bit of everything. This year, I'm trying to read a biography, classic, inspirational and historical book each month on top of the fiction I normally read. I've learned a lot by doing that and stretching myself this way :)

message 12: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments I'm so glad to have you all here! Thanks for sharing.
Dustin- you're quite welcome. Glad to have you!
Diana - I did the same thing with Hunger Games. My oldest daughter wanted to read it, but I wanted to pre-read it first to make sure it was appropriate. And then I got sucked in. Christian fiction is my favorite too, though.
Dan - Your books look interesting! And free is always a good deal. ;)
R.L.B- I completely understand where you're coming from. And don't worry - I stalk a lot of groups too, just for ideas. But thanks for introducing yourself. I was a 6th grade teacher myself for a while (now I substitute while I care for my family). Editing has always been one of my favorite parts of the writing cycle.
Sarah Anne- Good luck with your novel! Keep us posted. I may have to check out your book club, though I am very picky about the time periods of historical fiction I enjoy. (But you can't keep me away from a good WWII story. Loved The Book Thief!)

message 13: by Tammy (new)

Tammy (stampingtammy) | 30 comments Hi. Tammy here. I have been a lover of the written word for as long as I can remember. I read a lot of variety but am probably drawn to fantasy (LOTR, Hobbit, Terry Brooks, Ted Dekker), historical fiction (especially WWII) and memoirs the most. Loved westerns as a child (might have had every Louis L'Amour in print) but can't seem to get into them as much as an adult. If anyone has any good recommendations I would love to hear them. Recently became hooked on audio books due to my commute. It took me a long time to get into the audio books as my mind wanders. A good reader does the trick. To Kill a Mocking Bird and Watership Down were both some favorites in audio. have been reading a bit more suspense / mystery lately and trying to hit some classics. As you can see from my ramblings I am in no way a writer. :). Look forward to seeing everyone's discussions and book recommendations. I'm also currently stuck off my feet with an ACL replacement. So lots of time for discussions.

message 14: by Erin (new)

Erin West | 1 comments Hi my name is Erin. I love to read, always have. What I like to read varies depending on what is going on in my life at the time. Sometimes I want pure escapism and sometimes I want something that resembles my life and my friends. I am a Christian and do enjoy Christian authors but can see God's hand in just about anything. Right now, I am going through a divorce and the death of my life long best I am not reading anything too heavy. Life is enough at the moment. Just reading for enjoyment and and not emotional upheaval.

message 15: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Hi Erin! Sorry to hear about the struggles you are going through. (I'm a Christian too, so you can believe me when I say I will lift you in my prayers.) Sounds like some light escapism is a good thing for you right now!

message 16: by Laurin (new)

Laurin (laurinc) | 1 comments Hi, I'm Laurin. I'm the quiet one in the back of the room who hardly ever comments, but reads most everything. :) I do book reviews (, so I read a variety of genres, but gravitate toward Christian speculative fiction, biblical fiction, and historical fiction, with Preston & Child-type books as my creepy outliers. Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness was my first Christian book--it changed the way I look at the world around me, and I've never looked back! I promise to let you know if a book really grabs me, and if I think everyone should read it. :) Lifting you all up in prayer.

message 17: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments That sounds great, Laurin, and thanks! Looks like your taste is right up my alley.

message 18: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Bush | 13 comments Hello all, and thanks TC for the invite. I'm Nathan and I write in the Christian crime genre (two books so far and several WIPs). I like to read mystery, true crime, sci-fi, fantasy and psychological thrillers. I'll sometimes read mainstream, but prefer to stay with Christian authors. I'm not opposed to some descriptive gory scenes (as I have a couple myself), but too many mainstream authors pile on the foul language, which I prefer to avoid.

I like to read Peretti, Dekker, Alcorn, Blackstock and of course, Tolkien (who doesn't-The Hobbit is my all time favorite book. I still have the first copy I bought several decades ago).

Being the father of a special needs child, full time employee and part time writer I don't get much opportunity for reading, but catch it when I can (it usually takes me about a month to get through an average size book- so my reviews are slow in coming).

I have lived in multiple states, but now reside in AL since exiting the Army. Look forward to finding some new authors to read.

message 19: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Hi Nathan! Glad to have you here. Feel free to tell us more about your books, too. The Hobbit is a good choice, though I definitely prefer the Fellowship of the Ring. ;)

And I feel your pain as the parent of a special needs child. My daughter has type 1 diabetes, so I am up every night checking blood sugars and so forth. You know, just saving her from death and stuff.

message 20: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Bush | 13 comments T.C. wrote: "Hi Nathan! Glad to have you here. Feel free to tell us more about your books, too. The Hobbit is a good choice, though I definitely prefer the Fellowship of the Ring. ;)

And I feel your pain as t..."

Well, I don't have to worry quite so much as you! But I do get the sleepless nights. My daughter wakes up between 2 and 4 on a regular basis. She's been diagnosed with GDD, Global Developmental Delays, with underlying autistic traits, and she was born with clubfoot in both feet, so we are in the middle of restrictive braces being worn at bedtime, which doesn't help with her getting enough rest. But it could be worse. We just thank God she's alive and healthy :)

message 21: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Bush | 13 comments Welcome to everyone who has joined this group!

message 22: by Rachel N (new)

Rachel N | 7 comments Thanks for the invitation! I am a homeschooling adoptive mother of 3 (ages 9,6, and 4) living in the Pacific Northwest. Life has been super busy for the last 7 years since we started our family through Ethiopian adoption. It's just been in the last year or so that I've been able to begin reading for pleasure again. Reading is the #1 thing I do for "me." I enjoy reading a variety of genres, probably majoring in the Classics, Biographies, and Historical Fiction. I have a hard time getting into Science Fiction - unless the author is C.S. Lewis. Most recently, I have been drawn into reading biographies written by North Korean defectors. I also really enjoy reading out loud to my kids and have been in a state of nostalgia lately re-reading my childhood favorites with them, as well as exploring new genres. I appreciate the interaction and recommendations in this group. Thanks for having me.

message 23: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments That is so wonderful that you have adopted children! I really think of adoptive parents as heroes.

My kids are just a little older than yours, Rachel, and now THEY enjoy reading to ME. It's a neat way to bond, since as you know, you can always have great discussions about books!


message 24: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Bush | 13 comments Welcome Rachel

message 25: by Maxximum (new)

Maxximum Reads (maxximumreads) | 1 comments Hey! I'm Maxx! I am a Washington native currently trying not to melt in Southern California. I'm failing at that by the way. When it comes to reading I'll really give anything a try however I am brutally honest and even if it is an ARC I have no problem saying I don't like it.

message 26: by Midge (new)

Midge | 10 comments Hey yall, I'm Midge and live in Florida where it is hot!! I am a senior but still working full time. I like to read various genres, teen and adult books. If I start a book and don't like it I don't finish it. Too much to read to waste time on something I cant sink into. After all, I am not getting any younger. Look forward to hearing from everyone.

message 27: by Tammy (new)

Tammy (stampingtammy) | 30 comments Hi Midge. Totally agree with abandoning books you don't enjoy! I could not do that when I was younger, but finally realized they aren't worth wasted reading time.

message 28: by T.C. (new)

T.C. Slonaker | 83 comments Welcome, Maxx and Midge!
Maxx- ha, ha! Sorry to hear you are melting. I can laugh because we get pretty hot here in PA too. Good for you sticking to your gut with your reviews!
Midge- I'm with you- I've abandoned more books than I can count. I'm such a slow reader- if I have to read something 3 times before I can pay attention, it's not right for me.
I hope you both feel comfortable looking around here, adding books or discussions if you'd like. We'd love to hear more!

message 29: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Bush | 13 comments Welcome to the group Maxx and Midge

message 30: by Jonah (new)

Jonah (jonah777) | 1 comments The Lie (The Seekers Book 2) by L.R. Clarke

Hi there. Thank you for the invite. How lovely to be asked to join something! I have always been a keen reader and could not imagine a world without books. My taste is quite wide ranging and has changed over the years - when I look at my book shelves they are an interesting mix! I can't bear to get rid of a well loved book either - it drives my husband mad...
As a Christian I look for fiction that is both challenging and uplifting but that does not sweep the big questions under the carpet. Life is a joy and a mystery but there is also suffering.
If I cannot hear the author's voice reflecting both the reality of the world we live in and the Father's heart then the book fails to connect.
Have you read Wendy Alec's The Chronicle of Brothers Series? They are an exciting series of books if you like fast paced action.
Also Wm Paul Young's The Shack and Eve?
I also love Jodi Picoult for her ability to convey humanity and all the messy situations we get ourselves in!
I have been writing for the past five years too. This is a very hard discipline! So far the books have been well received, please take a look if you want to try something different.
God Bless.

message 31: by Janeandjerry (new)

Janeandjerry (janeandjerryculwell) Thank you for the invite and sorry took so long in finding it and accepting the request. Usually when I come in I go straight to my books and jot those down and check in with my main group I have been in since I started here so I didn't look to the sides and investigate there. I Guess if the invite would had been in my emails I would had found sooner so I apologize for the lateness...Happy Reading~ JANE~

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