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Brantford Public Library | 453 comments Mod
"You reveal a character in two ways," the author has said. "One, how the character views the world. Two, how the world views the character."

Does this insight apply to the characters here? Quinn, for example, is rightly regretful for his fatherly failings, and yet the boys in Resurrection Lane trust and rely on him completely.

How do varying perceptions combine to make fictional characters feel real?

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments I think this happens all the time in fiction (and probably in real life too). It helps to set up the conflict, whether it is internal in the character's mind or external in their everyday life. It is also the reason that reader's feel sympathy or love for a character. I thought the author made good use of this in this character driven book.

Karen (karen1278) | 428 comments This is truly an amazing read with unforgettable characters. They are richly portrayed through their actions but each is also flawed.
With Quinn, we see a man who doubts himself in his past role as husband and Father. He needs forgive himself to move forward and rid himself of guilt.
The young musicians look to him for guidance and friendship. I think the author is making him a Father figure here and showing he is capable of making connections. I think the author did this so we don't hate Quinn.

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