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message 1: by C.L. (last edited Jun 06, 2017 07:02PM) (new)

C.L. Lynch (cllynchauthor) | 210 comments Hey folks, for those that missed it, I have a post in the For Hire section offering free beta reading/developmental editing/general story help. I've decided to start offering it as a paid service, but first I want some testimonials, so I'm offering it to you, my Navigating Indieworld folk, first for free.

So, if you have a story idea that you're stuck on and you want someone to look it over for free and give help/suggestions, or if you have a manuscript that you'd like someone to read over for plot/pacing etc, and if you're willing to give me feedback at the end on whether my advice was useful and give me your opinion regarding how much you think it is worth, send me a message!

Just remember that I'm anti-trope, anti-stereotypes so if I find them in your work I will be (gently) pointing them out and making alternate suggestions :-p

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Hamilton | 2560 comments I would, but I can't, but I would, but I can't...

I still have very mixed views about beta reading etc. Emotionally, I am not in a place where I could take a "no this is all wrong" view, although I'd be fine with any plot holes being pointed out. My general worry with anything like this is being expected to conform with what is seen as "normal" this is not me.

I'm probably at the wrong end of Nate and Day for anything like that or I'd submit it. I'm happy with what I've produced in my own weird way and I really feel I need to move on to the other one I've almost finished.

Can't decide. Sorry, not much use...

message 3: by C.L. (last edited Jun 07, 2017 07:45AM) (new)

C.L. Lynch (cllynchauthor) | 210 comments A good beta reader wouldn't say 'no, this is all wrong'. Instead they would say, 'this are the parts that could be even better if you did X, or Y, or Z.' And considering that I'm anti-trope, I can't see myself urging you to be more 'normal'. It's about making a book be the best it can be. But it is totally up to you. It's free.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy Hamilton | 2560 comments Let me see if I can get to the end of this edit tonight and I'll send it over. I don't want to send it when I'm still picking up errors even I can detect. Thanks.

message 5: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Lynch (cllynchauthor) | 210 comments Thanks! And with that, folks, I'm closed. I got a great response and am looking forward to checking out these new reads :-)

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