The Coldest Winter Ever (The Coldest Winter Ever, #1) The Coldest Winter Ever question

Deontae Deontae Jun 06, 2017 04:35PM
This book is a very realistic and informal book on the real life struggles of people living in poverty, and what they do to get out of poverty and the dangerous risk they take. It takes place in the hood the projects , and it shows the life of a young female and her rich drug money family and how she manages to balance her life and also stay on top of everything life throws at her. She learns to forget and and move on and how she can't judge a book by its cover because of what they look like. She also learned on how quickly the tables can turn on you. The Coldest Winter Ever

Yes, reality reading. It is a very good book. I wrote a few books similar in nature but they take place in Akron, Ohio. Each city has its own street code, although the consequences are often the same, the methodology is sometime different.

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