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What do you think about using Jurda Parem on Alina or the Darkling?

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Danielle (dancenanny) | 2 comments Hey! Im new here and I read Six of crows a few weeks ago and started reading crooked kingdom. And I just thought about something and im wondering if anyone thought about it. This whole jurda Parem bussiness. what if Alina (from the grisha trilogy) had taken this drug. I was so shook at the thought of what would have happened. WHAT IF THE DARKLING HAD TAKEN THIS DRUG. Im glad it didnt happen but Im curious at how far they could go.

Maryanne | 246 comments Never thought of that, but hey that is an interesting thought though.... haha I do wonder now too...

Katy | 1 comments Would make a good fanfiction if Alina used jurda to even out the odds to fight the Darkling. But i guess since the Darkling always sticks to the old ways he will not use jurda parem.

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Ladyseraph14 | 5 comments Well... The takeaway I got from jurda parem is that it grants the user a really enhanced understanding of their magic and thus stronger powers, but it's incredibly addictive and dramatically shortens lifespan. Most of the Grisha from SOC who became addicted to parem were subservient to whoever had access to the supply until they literally withered away and died...

I highly doubt the Darkling would use it and he'd probably ban all of his Grisha from using it (possibly after he gained control of/destroyed all supply). He wanted to liberate Grisha from their otkazat'sya oppressors and create a sanctuary for them. In all likelihood otkazat'sya would probably just try to use parem to further enslave Grisha and eventually lead to their extinction... And you can't have a place for Grisha to seek refuge if they all get addicted to the drug and die...

I'm really glad parem wasn't around yet during Alina's journey. If the group had run across it, she probably would have used it to try to defeat the Darkling. Her obsession with power and obtaining the third amplifier signals she probably would have ended up using jurda parem either in the church scene in book 2 or at the final fight of book 3 (most likely against Mal's insistence that she not and Nikolai's reluctant acceptance of her securing a Ravkan future).

If you're trying to write a fanfiction or break your brain, you could try to figure out if she would have used parem instead of trying to find the 3rd amplifier. Or if she would have tried to use parem with the 2nd amplifier, would she have actually gotten more powerful? Morozova seemed to want to convey that there is a cap on how powerful one individual could be before you start messing with the fabric of the universe. There's a good chance that Alina+2nd amp+ parem = event more catastrophic than the Darkling's Unsea...

I guess there's always a chance David could get a sample and create a different strain that enhances the abilities without the harsh side effects or high likelihood for addiction. But that's boring... and very unlike Bardugo so...

Danielle (dancenanny) | 2 comments that's actually a good point. the darling would have been unlikely to use jurda parem. but I wonder.. alina doesn't have her powers anymore. I wonder if its completely gone or due to the third amplifier ,she is unable to access it. if she were to take jurda parem now. she was geisha so would she be able to access it again?

Ladyseraph14 | 5 comments I don't know if she would be able to get her powers back... Obviously the series ended in a way that suggested she was no longer a Grisha (except in the honorary sense to those who serve the Ravkan crown) and that she would be happy without them. And with the series ending the way it did, I don't think she would have a reason to do so unless she just wanted the chance to feel her powers again before she dies a rather quick/painful death...

That's definitely something you could explore in fanfic. Maybe Nikolai becomes desperate to protect Ravka from its invading neighbors and begs Alina to leave the orphanage to teach the Grisha like Baghra did. Alina starts to miss her powers or maybe to save her students/Nikolai she takes parem. Maybe Mal died and rather than die alone, she'd prefer to go quick with her magic if you want something darker.

Thanks for sharing your question. I've been away from Grisha-verse since I finished reading Crooked Kingdom and it was nice to be a part of one of these analytical canon discussions again. Feel free to PM me if you ever write anything to answer any of these questions.

Megan Cheang | 76 comments Hi! I remembered how this sort of questions were asked of Leigh Bardugo, and she responded that the Darkling would see Jurda as a useful tool but would never take it. And from another question, her answer to Alina using the powder was a picture of a sky high explosion.
Here are my guesses on what would happen if either took Jurda:
Darkling- I think he could control the Unsea from a distance, make illusions, scry and teleport through darkness, instantly kill someone silently
Alina- make illusions, scry and teleport through light, make huge explosions, incinerate anyone with just a thought.
They are considered the most powerful Grisha, so they would def have scarier powers than mind control.
If Jurda had been around, I think the other countries would never want it into their hands, because they would be thinking what it would be like if the Darkling got his hands on it. They already knew the Darkling was a scary dude and would not want to make him more powerful.

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eating acid (jojoblue) | 5 comments So obviously the parem would make them scary powerful at first, but I'm thinking more of what would happen if they stopped using it and went through withdrawal.

I'm thinking that withdrawal might reverse their powers? Because we know Nina's taking the parem and going through withdrawal changed her power. Basically it reversed her power. At first she was tied to living things through being a Corporalnik, but after the withdrawal she was tied to dead things. Maybe the Darkling and Alina's powers would be reversed in some way? Alina would end up with powers similar to the Darkling's and The Darkling with powers similar to Alina's. Also, we know that jurda parem and merzost are similar, they are both grisha power being used in a way they are not supposed to. And what happened when the Darkling and Alina used merzost? They ended up with a scrap of the other's powers. Which were basically the opposite of what their current powers were. Just a thought I had lmao.

Marissa | 5 comments Alina + 2 amplifiers + jurda parem... I’m just going to assume that time, space, and reality would rip open. Would not want to be in Ravka when that happens and she accidentally creates a “light” fold or the universe implodes. And let’s not even think about what would happen if the Darkling had jurda parem.

Elisa (elisabookishexpat) OMG that would be terrifying. I seriously hope KOS 2 doesn’t involve Alina taking parem to try and recover her powers and save the day 😦

Megan Cheang | 76 comments I would so love for Alina to recover her powers, and to make a reappearance...honestly I would be delighted if all the new sun summoners found their powers disappearing back to their rightful owner.
But as the Darkling proved with his touch, Alina is no longer Grisha. I doubt jurda parem would have the same effect. But if it could call back her powers to herself without the whole amplifier thing, that would be great. Then she can go back into hiding with Mal. Right now, I just want her powers returned to her.

Lydrose | 17 comments Omg that is such an interesting idea. Here are my thoughts:

First of all, I hate the darkling (no hard feelings to those who are in love with him). Him having parem would make him stronger and possibly invincible. That would suck because literally everyone would die. But here is the positive side. He would start to beg for parem which would make him vulnerable. So you know how Nina survived one dose? Well we could give him two doses in a prison and then never give him any more and let him suffer.

Okay so maybe give Alina one dose so she is powerful enough to defeat the darkling and hopefully not die herself. But never give her more than one unless she is willing to die and you aren’t friends with her.

Those are my thoughts. I respect all of yours. :)

august | 1 comments ⚠️MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS⚠️

if alina would have used jurda parem WHILE having both amplifiers…

that would have been sick. she would be unbeatable. not even the darkling could beat her.

what if…

jurda parem can bring back alina’s powers? i don’t think that that is possible but… i mean that would be so cool

Lydrose | 17 comments oh i totally agree. that would be really amazing!

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Clara (sophiesheridan) | 3 comments SPOILER ALERT!!!

omg they would be like gods... if jurda parem existed while alina was still a grisha i bet she wouldn't need amplifiers. also, it would be SO cool if the grishas eventually figured a way to use the drug on their favor and without losing control, imagine how powerful the second army would become

Natalie | 4 comments Oh God that would be SUCH a disaster… give the two most powerful Grisha in the world kurda parem and mess with their minds, screw up their senses, and make them even MORE powerful. but it would be a good plot! Actually, that’s a good fanfiction… you just gave me an idea.

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