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message 1: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Feel free to introduce yourself here! How old are you? Who's your favorite African American author? How old are you? Where are you from? What's your go to #BlackLove story?

message 2: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Hello! My name is Valencia. I'm 23 years young from the great state of Mississippi. I really love Beverly Jenkins. One of my favorite genres is historical romance and she does an amazing job of combining historical facts concerning the black (and other minority!) community and awesome romances. My go to #BlackLove story would have to be Topaz by Beverly Jenkins

message 3: by Luscious (new)

Luscious | 1 comments Hello. I go by Luscious Lee, and I am a 47 year old first time writer. I'm not sure my stories are love stories, necessarily, but they are sexually explicit tales of real life experiences. I live in Charlotte, have two grown children, and am trying to get out my second book as soon as possible.

message 4: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Welcome Luscious! I'm sure your books will find a home here in this group! If you check out the #BlackAuthorPromotion folder you can make a topic for your book! You are also more than welcome to suggest your books for monthly reads whenever the theme fits!

message 5: by Tasha (new)

Tasha (tlovable) | 4 comments Hello,

My name is Tasha! I am in IL and I am part of the Grown & Sexy 30s team! LOL My favorite African American author is Allison Hobbs! I am currently finishing up " Taming Madam M" as we speak! This book is the last one in the series I was reading and child it was smoking hottt! Made Fifty Shades of Grey look like a Disney bedtime story! LOL

So what we reading? I have been trying to be part of a book club for a good minute. Finally getting around to it. Lol

message 6: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Welcome Tasha! I'm so glad to have you. There are book suggestions open for July and August. I'm trying to get some group participation so that we can vote on books. If you'd like to go make some suggestions that would be great!!

message 8: by Tasha (new)

Tasha (tlovable) | 4 comments Okay cool! I know July is suppose to be dedicated to families right? May have to see what I can find to contribute.:-)

message 9: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
I'm so glad you're apart of the group Tasha! 😁😁

message 10: by Auleah (new)

Auleah | 2 comments Hello! My name is Auleah. I'm in my early 30's and live in Maryland. About a year-and-a-half ago, I went to my library and picked up my first book that was not a children's story since college, Brenda Jackson's "Tonight and Forever" and have been hooked on romance novels ever since! I love many genres; historical romance, romantic suspense, to paranormal romance. Beverly Jenkins' "Night Hawk" is one of my definite go to books! I mainly just use Goodreads to check book reviews but finally decided to join a group. This one definitely piqued my interest, so thanks!

message 11: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Welcome Auleah!!! I'm so glad you joined. Feel free to explore the group, make suggestions and start a book thread for your favorite author or book!

message 12: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments Hi, I'm Jenn and I love romance and erotica!! It's so much fun..I give new authors and inexpensive reads a try because a lot of the time these books are left out but are actually really hot and good!!! I suggest Mina Carter, JM Wilson, Nikita Slater and Delaney Diamond to name a few!!

message 13: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 3 comments amazon.com/author/jmw or jmwilsonpens@gmail.com www.delaneydiamond.com

message 14: by Valencia (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 68 comments Mod
Welcome welcome yall! Take a look around and start diving into some conversations!

message 15: by Zion (new)

Zion Brew | 3 comments Hello, my name is Zion. I am new here n i am also a new author. I hope to engage more with you all aa well. Enjoy ur day🥰🥰🥰.. my first published work is titled, Jewels of my Heart n i will love to engage with anyone who has read it.

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