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message 1: by N.E.C.C. (new)

N.E.C.C. | 1133 comments Hello everyone, i'm Nicolàs and i'm from Argentina (the title does not lie).
Mystery and crime are among the genres i like but i feel that i don't read enough of those, that's one of the reasons i joined, i have so much to read and i need the push to ge more into this type of books.
Besides reading, i love movies and tv series, and also (obviously) STAR WARS!!!!!!!
Hope to meet a lot of cool people here!!

message 2: by Thomas (new)

Thomas (tom471) | 1500 comments Welcome NECC. My wife and I visited Argentina last year during an Antarctica cruise. We enjoyed it. I also like Star wars and mysteries.

message 3: by Bill (new)

Bill | 5461 comments Welcome to the group, N.E.C.C.

message 4: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (officerripley) Welcome!

message 5: by A.K. (new)

A.K. Kulshreshth | 27 comments Hello N.E.C.C.

Welcome to the group!

Warm regards - from Singapore.

message 6: by N.E.C.C. (new)

N.E.C.C. | 1133 comments Thank you all for the warm welcome.

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