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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Supernatural beings. Do you believe?
Well you should, they have been living among us for centuries, mainly in hiding, but once in awhile, a supernatural shows themselves, usually in order to save others, but in return the government traps them, and hides them away, in order to protect the people.

The advances in technology has allowed the humans to trap the supernatural against their will, and are now working on recreating the super abilities into the humans.

Muse A is a full blooded human, not a drop of supernatural in her blood. And has been captured by the government for the guinea pig experiments. She is trapped to live among the other experiments and captured beings.
Muse B is a supernatural, one who does only good, and is line with a league that is against the government's goals. He normally follows the rules, until he is captured and meets Muse A. He works to escape, and takes her with him.

Both of them are launched into an adventurous and dangerous world. Will they remain the prey, or become the predator and fight back?

-Must be active, preferably one or more posts a day, even if you are just letting me know you won't be on.
-Be descriptive. 2 paragraphs at least
-Add to the story, don't make me do all the work.
-You must want to do this with me, if you don't want to fully commit, don't ask to roleplay this

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Name: Alexander "Alex" Teiran
Age: 18
Short brown hair with wisps of blonde mixed into the sides. Sharp yet concealed features with a soft green almost hazel colored eyes. Not well muscled but he still gets the job done without breaking a sweat.

Overview of World:
The year 2017 was almost four centuries ago, and lots have changed. Somewhere in between then and now, we arrived. Not this generation exactly, but our grandparents did, they broke through the barrier and were able to hide out on this planet, undetected and left alone, up until thirty-three years ago. Granted we mishapped and did a couple of bad things, a few of us going rogue, but we mainly helped, until some of us start to disappear overnight.
The one we blame, is the government that rules the human country. You know those drones they send out right? To "monitor and stop crime"? They are hunting us, tracking us, and trying to calculate what we will do next. But if there is anyone who can put an end to this, it is the Ebony Brotherhood.
This is where I belong, amongst the strongest and most ruthless fighters. We are a group of chosen superbeings to fight against the government. But we know not what we are truly up against. Just as we have evolved over the past few centruies, so have the humans. The weapons are stronger, faster, and their soldiers are being trained to fight us.
My history? You'll find out soon enough, just wait and see.

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Name: Karana Taylor
Age: 17
Apperence: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/...

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments ((Sorry was out of town, on a lake with no cell reception))
That picture didn't load on my device.

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It's all ok.

It didn't? I'll send another one later. How should we start?

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Let's start with your character in a cell and what's it been like, then I will roleplay them bringing in Alex

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So should I start?

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Yes please!!

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How detailed are you?

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Somewhat-very. Leaning more towards the very. how about you?

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I usually do somewhere between 4-8 sentences
, depending on what I have to work with

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments That sounds good. I'm okay with that

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Karana payed on her back, looking at the ceiling of her cell. 'It's funny, it hasn't changed one but since I got here' she thought to herself and smiled slightly. "Oh I'm a hoot." She whispered to herself as she got up and walked over to the bars. Karana watched as the guards walked back and forth down the aisle. Then the bell rang and the guards rushed up the stairs. The bell signaled a new arrival. She noticed all the other in mates walking to the bars.

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments ((Could you send me a pic of your character? the link still isn't working.))

A bell rang throughout his ears, it was painful sound to hear in his already bleeding ears. Three soldiers drug him down the stairs, his eyes were cast downward, not making any eye contact with the prisoners he passed by. It was visible that he had struggled against his captures, the black eye, and the bound wrists gagged mouth.

Alec was roughly thrown into the cell. The guards cursing and speaking hateful comments. The cells metal door slammed shut as he experienced a coughing fit. Alec groaned and laid where he was, not scooting into the corner to give them satisfaction they want. The guards went back to patrolling.

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((Let me know if that works or not. Are they in the same cell?))

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments ((It works and he is in the one across from her, my apologies))

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Karana watched him and the guards as they drug him in. She noticed how beat up he was. She didn't fight when she was taken in, she was in such a confused state. The guard hit her bars as he passed and she jumped back, started and he just walked off and laughed. Once they were gone she walked back to the bars. "Hey, you alright?"

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments Alec groaned. Obviously he was hurt, pretty badly at that too, so to answer the girl's question he sat up and looked at her like she was crazy. He arched a eyebrow, as if to ask Really? His fingers worked against the bonds that held them behind his back.

He had a job here to do, and he planned on doing it. He scooted himself towards the back wall, giving himself room in which to work without being noticed right away. He kept a careful eye on the girl, only glancing up at her occasionally.

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Karana watched him but rolled her eyes at his reaction. 'Well I know what he's like now' she thought as she walked to her bed and sat down, still keeping an eye on him. Looking at the clock, she noticed they'd be bringing food soon.

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments ((I is here. I just couldn't find the thread...my apologies))

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((It's fine, it's your turn though))

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments The guards brought in trays of the typical food that was served. A mystery stew that consisted of random foods no one could identify. Each prisoner received a tray, and all the prisoners began to eat yet he was the only one who did not, he left the tray where it was dropped.

He could already feel his bruises mending, and that was one of the given pluses of being a supernatural of his bloodline. The guards patrolled during the meal time and joked towards the prisoners while they sat in there cells.

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Katana ignored the guards as she ate, she was the cause of a lot of the jokes, considering her situation of being one of the only girls in the jail.

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments ((could you please add more so I can create a decent response?))

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((I'm not really sure whatelse to do cuz she's just in a jail cell.

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Kya | Diamond | 16 comments My apologies, I remembered I had this, I just didn't know where it was

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