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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 4 comments This is just for fun an to get the creative juices flowing. See if you can get a story started or continued for your own mind.(doesn't need to be a certain length)
just have fun I'll have my version up in a moment

message 2: by Marissa (new)

Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 4 comments A Loxotarians novel
title:Spirit of the Dragonsong

"What do you mean you broke him?" Rune asked almost hesitantly. It took a lot to break a Loxotarian male. After all the battles they fought couldn't break them. Damage yes, it wasn't very likely they came back unmarked. But Clarita was born of one of the legendary blood lines. The Dragonsong line or Scarlet dragon tribe. They had almost been completely wiped clean from the earth for centuries. But by some miracle, she had been brought back to them. " I told him I had siblings " The pale silvery-blonde mused with a playful grin .

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