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To All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)
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Kayla Troutman (kayla_maet29) | 3 comments Her ability to take charge as a mother for Kitty was absolutely breathtaking. She would always make sure her sister was included in everything she did. Her personality is admirable.

message 2: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim (kimhvela) I loved her relationship with her sisters! They were actual goals.

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I love her! Not just the way how she's treating her family (wich is fantastic) but her entire personality. She is one of my favorite characters I ever red about!

Katelyn DePew (katelyndepew) Awww to all the boys I’ve loved before is my favorite book so i got excited when I saw this. I find her entire personality just so adorable like how she’s always baking and scrapbooking!

Renee (thefairynomad) She's the best. Some of her choices are kind of questionable but who's aren't. Lara Jean and Peter are so cute!

Lina | 81 comments Lara is the best. She and Peter will always be my favourite in this series, from the moment i started the book i knew i was going to like the main character.

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Dalia | 285 comments I love her efforts to look after Kitty while Margot’s gone

Sasha (lostinfics) | 143 comments Absolutely loved her relationship with her sisters and the way she grew responsible when Margot left home.
And all her efforts in the start to push away the guys she likes are cute

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Sophia | 21 comments I totally ship Lara and Peter....John was just too perfect for me.

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Emma Gibson (chickenthighhhh) | 28 comments I liked her in the first book, but the second... I dont know. I agree with all of you that she was very responsible and shes a great sister and I loved how she put herself out there despite how uncomfortable it made her, but in the second book I think it was selfish how she led two guys on the whole time. I mean just by her considering John, she was essentially cheating on peter... whatever its just my opinion lol

Dalila Mandić (dalila93) | 374 comments I don't know if it's just me... but since I watched the movies, I just can't remember what happens in the third book? XD

I love Lara Jean and her relationship with sisters and her baking skills...and how she deals with the whole Peter thing - like a teenager.
I see may teenagers today that behave like adults, they just want to grow up so fast and they deal with things like adults, but Lara's world is just how a teenagers world should look like.

I think that is why I like the series so much, because it's light, romantic and right.

Elena Kim wrote: "I loved her relationship with her sisters! They were actual goals."

I agree! Their relationship was really lovely, but I also don't agree with some aspects of her personality or some of the choices she makes.

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Dalia | 285 comments Unpopular opinion: I actually preferred the movie. I read the book first and it was meh for me. The movie gave me something I didn’t know I was missing.

landi (taylor’s version) (jaichoisideslivres) | 11 comments Lara's character was great, and her relationship with her family adorable. Some of her choices weren't great, but she was a good character overall.

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Ash ~ bookmaniac~ (aakanksha99) | 889 comments Mod
Is there anyone whose fav is kitty?

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Lilith... (lilithquestionseverything) hehe y'all guys are gonna hate me when i say iv'e only ever seen the movie. HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA

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marzzzzz  | 0 comments haha same

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