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message 1: by K. (new)

K. Fitzgerald (fitzgerald_k) | 1 comments My manuscript, The Dread Dream, is the first instalment of The Betrayer and Death Saga, and the story is centred around seven POV antihero characters that are bent on either revenge or survival. It’s a slow building epic, with the first few chapters developing deep relationships between the characters and the reader, but by the middle and the end the world is falling apart. The main protagonist is a female outcast who is universally hated and feared in the world in which the story is set, but like all good stories, all is not what it seems. I’m looking for an edit and proofread of the manuscript, particularly for sentence clarity (my sentences are too long!) and typological errors. The word count is around 290k, it’s written in the third voice, and the genre is a coming of age epic fantasy saga. Please PM me if you are interested.

All the best,

message 2: by emily (new)

emily | 1 comments Hello! My manuscript is the first instalment of a series based on two worlds that sit on a breaking point. It is about a world of Weavers and Humans who are now at peace but that could very well change. Weavers are beings with abilites that give them the power to weave almost anything such as illusions, poison, life, and death. There are two of the weavers, the rarest trypes, that are looking for one person, who just happends to be our narrorator, Vaila.It's a high fantasy that is mostly still in the works (only at 76k right now but ending point will be somewhere around 90k) I am a young writer and my work mixes mature and young content. I will warn you this is most likely to be a self pusblished book, but without any knowlege of editing I would love some feed back and help with the story I've been dying to tell. If you would like to help, please PM me!

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Iris Darshi (iris_darshi) | 4 comments Emily, Kelly, I can help edit and proof read either of your books. I like all genres, no horror elements or child abuse or rape etc. I have done both in the past and if a timeline of a week works with you happy to help.

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