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Corrine June 1- Dare Day I dare you to read a book off your to-read list
June 2, 2017- Doughnut Day Originating from Salvation Army lassies bringing donuts to the from lines. Read a book about war
June 3- Repeat Day Reread a book
June 4- Hug your Cat day Read a book with an animal on the cover
June 5- World Environment Day Read a book with a green cover
June 6- Yo-Yo Day Read a book with the title or authors name starting with Y
June 7- Chocolate Ice Cream day Read a book set during the summer
June 8- Name Your Poison Read a book that has a rating lower then 3.5 stars or a book that has been released in the last 2 months (or an arc)
June 9- Donald Duck’s Day Donald Duck’s birthday Read a book with alliterating title or author’s name. A letter must appear twice in the tittle and/or the author’s name
June 10- Iced Tea Day Iced tea has some suspected medicinal properties Read a book where someone struggles with illness
June 11- Corn on the Cob Day Read a book with the letters CORN in the title
June 12- Red Rose Day Cystic Fibrosis foundation in Australia host Red Rose day and week Read a book with flowers on the cover
June 13- Sewing Machine Day The first sewing machine was made in France in the 1830s Read a book set in the 1800s
June 14- Monkey around day Read a book in the letters MONKEY in the title
June 15- Smile Power Day Read a book with a 4.0 rating or higher
June 16- Fresh Veggies Day Read a book with the main occupation of the main characters is farming
June 17, 2017- Jugglers Day Read a trilogy
June 18, 2017- Fathers Day Read a book with a single dad
June 19- Kissing Day Read a romance novel
June 20- Ice Cream Soda Day Read a book that has the letters CREAM in the title
June 21- Selfie Day Read a book with a person on the cover
June 22- Chocolate Eclair Day Read a book about diets, eating disorders, or the dangers of sugar etc.
June 23- Pink Day Read a book with a pink cover
June 24- Swim a Lap Read a book that takes place on a beach or at a pool
June 25- Catfish Day Read a book about cyber bullying or internet safety.
June 26- Forgiveness Day Read a book you have DNFed
June 27- Sunglasses Day Read a book with the sun on the cover
June 28- Paul Bunyan Day Read a book with trees on the cover
June 29- Waffle Iron Day Read a book where the main character is a chef
June 30- Meteor Watch Day Read a book set in another world

You will receive a 20 point bonus if you complete all tasks

You may only do each task twice, but will only receive bonus points once

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