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Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
^That's to sum up my thoughts.

The pacing wasn't the best at times, but I still really enjoyed it and I'm so excited to read the third book. THAT CLIFFHANGER SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

I'm hoping to pick up the third book tomorrow!

I plan on writing a final review later on, as well as a video review (still need to do that for the first book). But for now let me know your thoughts!

message 2: by Dimitris (last edited Jun 02, 2017 09:54AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dimitris (dimitris_lianos) I absolutely LOVED this book! More than I loved A Darker Shade of Magic. As I was finishing it, all I could thing of was "thank God I have the final instalment next to me" (I even read 10 pages right away) I don't know what I would have done if I had read it when it came out, had been left on this unbelievable cliffhanger and had to wait a whole year! That's why I never touch a Series till it's completed.

Was I the only one not to have guessed about Alucard and Rhy? ;) I screamed when I came across that scene in the prince's room. But we need to know what Alucard did to him three years ago, miss Schwab! Rhy didn't seem at all heart-broken in the first novel. Did this rejection (?) make him a bit unsensitive and cold, going from one girl to another so as to stop thinking, remembering the pain? I also wonder how none of this gay relationship of their under-age only son even came to the over-protective King and Queen's attention.

The final pages were superbly written in my opinion, the way the demonic god from Black London possessed Holland's mind and ended him and tried to get our Kell to offer him his body, (“let me in!”), the way Kell suffered trapped in that necklace and tried to resist, and how this was reflected onto Rhy a world away was perhaps the best thing I read in 2017 so far. Next to Kell's moral struggle and his terror about his brother's heartbeat fading and Osaron about to invade Red London and destroy it because of his own mistakes, Lila and Alucard seemed like simple, selfish characters playing around... (The relationship between Kell and Rhy is simply the most perfect creation in the entire Trilogy, the way Rhy carved "S-O-R-R-Y" in blood on his arm and Kell jumped up and ran to him immediately upon tracing the word, forgetting in a split second everything that the King had done to him that made him want to leave Arnes for good made me shiver, this is a book about the real love between siblings, nor Caraval, sorry!)

The way I interpret Lila's story is that the author tried to show how we all have great possibilities inside us but how all these are lost because of the circumstances in which we are born and live. To show that great politicians or artists aren't really that much better than the rest of us but merely lucky to have been born in places/families where they were able to involve their gifts. If Lila had so much magic dormant in her, if she is even a rarest Blood Magician herself (again, only in the last pages did I make the connection about her missing eye since childhood and what could that possibly mean - did someone pluck out her eye when it turned black to protect her?), all this was lost in Gray London where she was living as a petty criminal for 19 years (and I hope I haven't mixed up the colours of all Londons in this review, sanct!). But given the chance to move, her gifts and personality flourished (cause the old Lila wouldn't have risked everything at the final page and run after Kell in another frozen world to save him!) I'm happy to see her evolve.

Neeedless to say I'm extremely eager to read A Conjuring of Light. I'll start it today, right after opening a dictionary to see what "conjuring" means. :P It's not easy reading a Trilogy in a foreign language, or writing about it, sorry about the mistakes.

V.E. Schwab is getting very high on my list of favorite authors!

PS1: That poor sweet Ned Tuttle of Five Points in Grey London, always so genuinely happy to see Kell and show him new things every few months, always dumped royally after five minutes... :/

PS2: Jay, do a long video review for the whole Trilogy at the end of this month, if you don't have time for separate ones. :)

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Jay Kennedy | 92 comments Mod
Dimitris wrote: "I absolutely LOVED this book! More than I loved A Darker Shade of Magic. As I was finishing it, all I could thing of was "thank God I have the final instalment next to me" (I even read 10 pages rig..."

Weird I never remember getting the notification for this post.

Yessss it was so good! It ended on such a cliffhanger! I agree, it would have been torture to read this when it first came out and have to wait for the third instalment.

I was actually spoiled about Alucard and Rhy before reading this book, but somehow I completely forgot! I was actually shipping Lila and Alucard for awhile.... heh. But yes, Schwab needs to elaborate on what Alucard did. It can't just be that he left, and this broke Rhy's heart. Or maybe that IS all?

I completely agree with your thoughts on the ending, as well as Kell and Rhy's relationship (Caraval, you hardly even had a sibling relationship, so sit down). The ending was perfect. It had me on the edge of my seat, it was just so intense.

Yes totally, Lila has evolved quite a bit more and I ended up enjoying her character much more near the end then I did at the beginning or in the previous book. I had a slight realization that Lila could have been Antari early on in the book, but then I buried it with doubt only to be surprised to find the connection is very strong.

I imagine it must be very hard reading a trilogy in a foreign language! Props to you though, your writing is great!

PS1 - I felt bad for Ned Tuttle as well XD Though I have a slight prediction... it might be ridiculous, but I'm wondering if he is one of those heroes that is going to bring magic into Grey London. You know how it's mentioned a few times that magic summons up heroes, and Rhy always wished it would be himself? Perhaps it's Mr. Tuttle...

PS2 - I've already planned out each video, I'll be doing a video review for each one in the series :) Hoping to get the first one out fairly soon.

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