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Sebastian walked into the cafeteria offering a few absent-minded waves to friends nearby, however, his focus was on the laptop he was carrying with him. he sat down not once thinking about grabbing himself anything to eat. He immediately went to work typing things whilst running over several things in his head at the same time. He had completely forgotten why he had come to the cafeteria at all, having completely engrossed himself in his work.

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After his nice sauna session and dip with his brother. They both went back to their room and messed around for a bit for a bit before going off to let his little brother finish his homework in peace. Deciding on a little linner. Lucas made his way to the cafeteria where he picked up a small meal of two hot dogs with a side of ranch style beans. Starting his way over to the table, his heart suddenly stopped when he saw Sebastian. Looking as handsome as ever. Swallowing his fears, the boy took a deep breath and made his way over to the table, sitting across from him. “H-Hi Sebastian.” He smiled, mentally kicking himself for stuttering.

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Sebastian had been deeply focused on his work but was stirred by a nervous sounding voice. He looked up, momentarily confused by what was happening, bu once his eyesight focused on who was across the table he smiled a bit and waved, "Hey, you're one of those Callahan twins right?" He asked, recalling the boy's face. He didn't know much about either of them, that is beyond the fact that they were twins. 'Lucas or Liam?" He asked wanting to know which it was, he was told that they were identical, but Sebastian knew that there had to be at least one difference to tell them apart with. While he waited he looked at Lucas' face, absorbing each and every feature. He was a good looking guy, very much so, but Sebastian was intent on having a normal conversation, not staring at him the entire time, that would be rude after all.

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Lucas couldn’t help but blush slightly when he saw Sebastian look him over. God, even his voice was sexy. “Yeah, that’s me.” He chuckled as he started to eat his food absent mindley. Doing his best to not to stare as well, he quickly broke the ice. “Lucas, my brother is doing some homework before dinner, and I was hungry, do I decided to grab a bite. Food’s pretty good here yeah know?” He couldn’t help but mentally kick himself. God, he was acting like such a dork, but one look into those dreamy gray eyes and he couldn’t help himself. “So, whatcha working on?” Lucas asked, trying to preoccupy his eyes so Sebastian doesn’t see him staring.

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Sebastian's eyes lit up when Lucas mentioned food, that's why he was in the cafeteria! He glanced towards the food before looking back at Lucas. It took him a moment to process what was said to him, but he answered eventually. "Oh, I was just filling out some documents, all boring stuff really." He remarked, closing his laptop so that he could focus on the conversation. Sebastian doubted that his intelligence was really showing through, forgetting to eat and barely processing basic information all at once wasn't exactly a typical display of genius. "It probably wouldn't interest you at all." He added not wanting to concern Lucas with it as it wasn't really anything major.

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Lucas watched as Sebastian went off, slowly biting his lip as he did. Lord, he was such a hunk. Part of him wanted to look at him all day, but that would be really creepy. Well the dance is coming up, but he should man up and ask him? No, he couldn’t do that. I mean he’s Sebastian, the most dreamy and handsome guy in the entire school, he’s probably got girls lining up for miles just to talk to him. Lucas’ inner debate was thrown off when Sebastian returned to the table with his food. The young man decided to try and make small talk with his crush. Lucas, it’s now or never. “Um Sebastian?” Lucas asked after a small moment of silence. “So, there is a dance coming up and I-” He took a deep breath, clenching his fork in his right hand. “I was wondering if you’d like to be my date.” He finally managed to cough out. Lucas was as anxious as could be as he waited for Sebastian to answer but he already knew what the answer was going to be.

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Sebastian furrowed his brow as he set down his food, curious as to what Lucas wanted to say. He looked a bit nervous, but Sebastian didn't pay it much mind if anything it was cute. He couldn't help, but to stare at Lucas when he spoke, most of his words blurred together in Sebastian's mind. He may not have known that much about Lucas yet, but something about him made Sebastian like him. The last few words were all that Sebastian really heard which snapped him back into reality. He blinked a few times before making proper eye contact, "Um... I... Well..." He sputtered, trying to think of what to say. He really was making a fool of himself, despite how hard he tried he couldn't seem to grasp the right words. "Yes!" He exclaimed rather haphazardly. It was quite the outburst when he said it and was nowhere near his usual eloquent way of speaking. His face went bright red, embarrassed by how blunt he was being. He looked down, usually, he was always calm in these situations, but for some reason, he couldn't maintain his calmness.

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Lucas was ready to walk away, back to Liam and just chilling. Preparing to get up and leave, Lucas had to do a double take well Sebastian said yes. No, the most handsome guy in the school. A prodigy and amazing superhero just agreed to go with him to dance. Lucas couldn’t help but bust out in a large goofy grin. Never in his whole life would he thought he’d be this lucky. Honestly, he didn’t know how to respond. “Um awesome, okay… do you wanna go out to dinner before?” Dinner with Sebastian at a romantic restraint? Lucas probably wouldn’t be able to handle so much dreamy atmosphere and him all gusyed up. Lucas’ dorky smile never felt his face as he looked into his crush’s dreamy eyes. Maybe if the dance went well, he’d get to see under the tuxedo and maybe even a little more.

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Sebastian smiled back at him having finally regained his composure. He hadn't really planned to be doing much other than some work, but that could be put on hold so he nodded his head, "Sure, why not, if you'll be there then I'll be there." He answered, trying to come off as cool and collected rather than some manic little kid with a massive crush. "Any ideas as to where you'd want to go or is this going to be a surprise?" He asked with a cheery curiosity ringing through in his tone.

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“Depends.” Lucas began, trying to be seductive. He honestly didn’t know if it was working but he’d try damn it. Especially to try and impress this hot hunk of a man. “I do have a place in mind, but if I’m being honest, the only thing I really do care about is seeing you in a tuxedo.” He finished with a wink Though his stomach was swimming butterflies, he felt really confident and confidence was always one of his strongest traits. Realizing the time, Lucas got up and turned to his crush. “How about I be over at your dorm around 7, we go get dinner?”

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Sebastian listened closely to Lucas, he had his attention and seemed to be pretty good at keeping it. He couldn't help but stare a bit more than would be considered normal, but he couldn't help himself which made him wonder if maybe that was Lucas' power, however, he highly doubted it because he was sure that he had heard what his power was and that definitely wasn't it. He raised an eyebrow in response to Lucas' comment about the tuxedo, but after that, he couldn't help but imagine Lucas in one. "And do you know where you'd find my dorm?" He asked, inquisitively, unsure as to how Lucas would have figured that out.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 27 comments Lucas couldn’t help but just smile. He was going to out with the most amazing guy in the whole guys. The dreamiest superhero ever. When Sebastian asked about knowing where his dorm was, Luas blushed a bit. He did happy know to know where his dorm was, only because he wanted to ask him out to ice cream a few times but chickened out. “No, buy you can always come pick me up,” Lucas smiled as he made a bit of a daring move and kissed Sebastian on the cheek before writing down and handing him his room number. “I look forward to a magical evening.” And like that Lucas was off to his room, excited beyond belief to tell his twin the good news.

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Sebastian smiled, Lucas was adorable, he assumed the blush was one of embarrassment for offering to pick him up without knowing where he was staying. He hadn't the slightest idea of what Lucas' real reason was. "You can count on it," Sebastian responded to Lucas' implied request to pick him up instead but was stopped a that when Lucas kissed his cheek. He didn't expect it at all, but that didn't mean he was against it. He watched Lucas leave silently allowing his gaze to linger, before then turning back to his work, however, his mind was filled with what would happen at this little dinner rendezvous.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) | 27 comments (Dawwww that was cute)

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Alexandria | 101 comments ((They're precious little creatures, much like little Chipmunks. :p))

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