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Paths of Darkness #3 question.

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message 1: by Yva (new)

Yva (mignette) | 2 comments Hi! :)

I am trying to collect all the Drizzt related books, but found something that confuses me...

When I went through the Goodreads listing of books, I noticed that Paths of Darkness #3 is 'missing'.
Number 2 is titled 'The Spine of the World', number 4 is titled 'Sea of Swords'. Yet according to the listing book #2 is The Legend of Drizzt #12 and #4 is book #13 of The Legend of Drizzt.

Could anyone please explain if there is a Paths of Darkness #3 (and what is it's title?), or is there a fault in the Goodreads listings and should Sea of Swords be #3, instead of #4?

Thanks so much in advance!

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam Fisher (fisherad80) | 15 comments Mod
Hello Yvet,
I will try to explain.
When the "Paths of Darkness" series of "The Legend of Drizzt" was originally published (1998-2001), the 4 books were "The Silent Blade", "The Spine of the World", "Servant of the Shard", and "Sea of Swords". After Salvatore wrote the "Hunter's Blades Trilogy" in the "Legend of Drizzt" series, and oversaw the "War of the Spider Queen" series (which isn't written by him and doesn't feature Drizzt directly, but other drow characters who will show up in the main Drizzt series later on), he decided to write a trilogy of adventures that featured Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri. These 3 books ("Servant of the Shard", "Promise of the Witch King", and "Road of the Patriarch") have now become known as "The Sellswords" trilogy. From that moment on, "Servant of the Shard" (the book you are looking for) ceased to be "Paths of Darkness" Book 3 and became "The Sellswords" Book 1.

Is that clear?
I hope I have helped bring understanding.

message 3: by Yva (new)

Yva (mignette) | 2 comments Oh wow, thanks for the detailed explanation! :)

So, if I do not read Servant of the Shard before I read Sea of Swords... It won't mess up the order of the story? :)

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam Fisher (fisherad80) | 15 comments Mod
I don't think it will, no. Enjoy!

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