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message 1: by Yvonne (new)

Yvonne M. (yfeltman) | 1 comments Hello, I am in need of a handful of beta readers to read my short non-fiction novel - it is a memoir/humor novel (I may need help deciding which genre to place it in).

***I would like to get the reads/feedback done within the next week, if at all possible. I hope this is not being unrealistic (tell me if so).***

I am looking for brutally honest, critical, constructive feedback. I need to grow as a writer & storyteller. I'm ready!!!

This project has already endured a few rounds of professional editing by a hired professional, FYI. This is my last step before I publish in a couple weeks.

Title: Your Pets Are Fine ...and Other Lies: True Adventures in Pet Sitting

Preliminary Blurb:
"I presume if you’re reading this it means I used to be (or still am) your pet sitter and you’re trying to figure out if you should sue me or not. Maybe you met me at a party and you want to find out what happens at the end of the missing dogs debacle, or the story about the flood, or the story about the client who got a little too friendly. Perhaps you’re just here to read the juicy details about how I ended up skinny-dipping in a client’s pool with a celebrity. You might be my old therapist and you want the real truth about why I had PTSD that one summer… and winter. Well read on, you won’t be disappointed, or maybe you will but you should just be happy these things didn’t happen to you.

No one is born an expert, but some people navigate to that status quicker and easier than others. Unfortunately, I made all the mistakes in my amateur years as a pet sitter. I have enough stories of bad luck and poor judgment to fill a book. This book to be exact.

I can (mostly) laugh about these experiences now, just so I don’t cry. You can read all about them here and hopefully laugh, cringe, and cry with me. More than anything, you’ll be happy to have made better choices than I have. Way better."

Please let me know your rate and if you can meet the deadline of 6/7.

Thanks much!


message 2: by Annette (new)

Annette Abernathy | 158 comments Hey,

I give brutally honest feedback, and I've written 7 books. I beta read to offset my photography costs, and I charge .0030 per word. A week turn-a-round is very quick, and I don't think it's a good idea to give the beta reader or editor such short notice, but I can give you an in-depth analysis of the story. I have a B.A. in psychology, so I'm good at breaking down an issue to the foundational problem.

I've also made cringe worthy mistakes, so I already get where you're going with the book. Email me at if you're interested because I am.

message 3: by Swati (new)

Swati Hegde (swatithegeek) | 133 comments Hey Yvonne!

Your book sounds really interesting, and unlike any I've read before.

I've been in the business for about a year and a half now, and have already worked on close to a hundred manuscripts (beta reading and editing) by around seventy authors (I have regular repeat customers!). You can check out my testimonials here:

Once we get started, I can finish the beta reading within a week since the book is relatively shorter than the ones I'm used to working on.

Email me at if interested to know my rate. :)

message 4: by Hamad (new)

Hamad | 63 comments Hey Yvonne,

The blurb actually caught my attention, I have been beta reading for over a year now, it is good that your book has been professionally edited as that will definitely make things faster, I can give you a feedback within one week if you want (it is possible for me as it seems all I am doing these days is reading but you may want to give a longer time for other readers)

Here is a link to my blog for rates and testimonials


message 5: by Tala (new)

Tala (talaa) Hello,

If you're looking for a pretty affordable beta reader that can meet your deadline, I'm free at the moment. My rate is 0.0005$/word and I can give you an honest review by the date you set.
If you're interested, you can read more about me here

Have a pleasant day!

message 6: by Dana (new)

Dana (maclease) | 82 comments Hi, if you are still looking for someone please let me know at

message 7: by TKSelbach13 (last edited Jul 30, 2019 06:32PM) (new)

TKSelbach13 | 90 comments I have been working as an independent freelance editor for about 8 years. My clients have been very pleased with my work thus far and would certainly be happy to provide recommendations if needed.

I recently achieved my bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, as well as accomplished a Study Abroad program with a focus in writing. I can provide a high attention to detail, the ability to think outside of the box, and an enthusiastic attitude that clients will find quite appealing.

Certifications: Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing
Experience: 8 years of Beta Reading, 2 years of commission work
Rates: $0.05 per word.
Turnaround: 1-3 months

$5 – 100 words
$50 – 1,000 words
$500 – 10,000 words
$5000 – 100,000 words

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