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message 1: by Houston (new)

Houston Library (hplreadsonlinebookclub) | 134 comments Mod
We've made it to the last day in May! We'll be wrapping up discussion on The Other Einstein today, so please share your thoughts. Would you recommend this book to anyone? What audience would love this story the most?

Look for a brand new poll tomorrow!

message 2: by Helen (new)

Helen Perhaps I am too late? Your reminder did not hit my email until this morning, but here goes....

First and foremost, this is a work of fiction. If it were not, I would really, really despise Einstein. What a cad!! I know very little about him except for "his" famous equation. In this book, his wife is the brains behind the equation.

What does come to the fore is the difficulty women (even Madame Curie) had at time in the world of science. Their intellect was not to be believed or recognized unless championed by a man.

The first part of the book was delightful with its descriptions of turn of the century Serbia and Switzerland. The second focused on Einstein's disparagement of his wife.

My measure of a good book is one that leads me to further explore the people and events in the book. This book did that. Thank you, Marie Benedict.

message 3: by Houston (new)

Houston Library (hplreadsonlinebookclub) | 134 comments Mod
Hi Helen! Definitely not too late, thank you for your response. We're so glad you liked this one!

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