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Michelle (goongirl1) | 100 comments Mod
Last month had some awesome (and a little more expensive :/) reads so we are going easy on the wallets for the month of June! I hope you all enjoy the novels I have chosen to kick off the summer months!
Happy Reading!!

Insight (Insight #1; Web of Hearts and Souls #1) by Jamie Magee

(Crown of Insight)
Cursed with the chains of a supernatural empath insight, Willow Haywood has learned to survive life, mostly on the defense. Her world shatters when a demon stars in a nightmare, then leaves behind a mark—a chain—as she wakes. The omen forces her family to reveal the fantasy hushed behind the reality of her life.

Willow learns beautifully dark secrets written in the lore about her coming fate. The twilight of her youth has arrived—she has no choice but to flee to unknown dimensions. Mystery lurks in the magical mythology laid before her. Danger haunts the shadows. To survive the shock waves of her life she focuses on him—the angel who came to every dream, every night. She'd fallen for him. The love of her soul, a mate for existence—a weapon for the Godly games stirring on the horizon. A war the zodiac predicted.

Willow Haywood is the Scorpio.
*FREE on Amazon!

Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil
The international no. 1 bestselling eBook.

In the summer of 2006, Emma Price watched helplessly as her six-year-old son's red coat was fished out of the River Ouse. It was the tragic story of the year - a little boy, Aiden, wandered away from school during a terrible flood, fell into the river, and drowned.

His body was never recovered.

Ten years later, Emma has finally rediscovered the joy in life. She's married, pregnant, and in control again...

... until Aiden returns.

Too traumatized to speak, he raises endless questions and answers none. Only his body tells the story of his decade-long disappearance. The historic broken bones and injuries cast a mere glimpse into the horrors Aiden has experienced. Aiden never drowned. Aiden was taken.

As Emma attempts to reconnect with her now teenage son, she must unmask the monster who took him away from her. But who, in their tiny village, could be capable of such a crime?

It's Aiden who has the answers, but he cannot tell the unspeakable.
*$2.99 on Amazon or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Animal by Marni Mann
In this prison, we weren't just guards. We were animals.

I captured the guilty.
Locked them inside our prison.
Tortured their bodies and abused their minds.
I had murdered hundreds.
Never recognized one.
Until her face.
Until that scream.
I was hired to take her life.
But first, I had to figure out how she ruined mine.
*$2.99 on Amazon or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

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Michelle (goongirl1) | 100 comments Mod
I chose Animal for my June read....whew! That one had so many twists and turns! 4 stars!!!

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