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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Epic fantasy series based around a halfling character. [s]

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Barry Vandergriff | 5 comments I'm joining different groups on a quest to find a series from my childhood that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me. Any help is appreciated. I believe the series was at least 3 books that were released before 2005. I think I was 16 when I read it which was 2001. I remember the first book featured a man with long white hair and white wolves behind in a winter scene I believe. The main character was reminiscent of a hobbit like creature, and followed his quest. In the first book there was a main character who was Gandalf like, but followed by a number of white wolves, I believe it was 10 or 12. They journeyed through meeting other races such as dwarves and elves. The halfling character fell in love with a halfling who's village was destroyed I think. When visiting the dwarves they notice that the dwarves always keep their women veiled, and the rumor was that it was because they were ugly. During the visit with the dwarves they discover it's because they're actually of astounding beauty. The final book/battle has the main characters fighting with their backs to a mountain top, and after defeating what they thought was the evil army the clouds part and they see it was just a small fragment. Then living stone giants with emeralds and rubies for eyes save the group and defeat the enemy. I know this is a very vague description, but I've been searching for a couple years now, and googled or posted everywhere. I'm seriously to the point of offering a bounty if someone knows the name. It's not the Shannara, or Gotrek and Felix series which is what most people suggest. I hope someone could help me.

Barry Vandergriff | 5 comments I looked at the synopsis, and although "warrow" sounds familiar the ending sounds different, and there is no white wolf leading character I see mentioned.

Barry Vandergriff | 5 comments Kym wrote: "The Iron Tower by Dennis L. McKiernan?"
Thank you! Based off the info you had I discovered the term "warrow" which lead me to the other books by him. I recognized a couple covers and found them! Thank you so much!

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Kym | 1058 comments Glad you found you book Barry. Can you tell us the name of it?

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