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Kantovan Vault (The Spiral Wars #3)
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For June 2017 our Indie Pick is Kantovan Vault by Joel Shepherd.

"The UFS Phoenix is on a mission to find a lost data-core that may contain the secret to defeating the alo-deepynine alliance. But the means to find the data-core is hidden deep in tavalai space, in a highest-security vault where the tavalai's manipulative State Department keep all their most treacherous secrets. To recover it, Phoenix must pull off the most daring heist the Spiral has ever seen. But Phoenix will need help -- in the form of a rebellious faction of the tavalai Fleet; a fanatical parren mystic who lusts mostly for power; a cynical old tavalai marine who's spent much of his life fighting humans; and a super-intelligent AI queen who will sacrifice anything to rescue her race from extinction. None of them can be trusted, and neither Captain Erik Debogande nor Major Trace Thakur are experienced in this kind of work. But each must gather their ingenuity and courage, and learn as they go, as the scale of the threat confronting humanity looms larger, and the clock is ticking..."

This is the third book in the Spiral Wars series. We read the second book in the series, Drysine Legacy in February 2016. As for the first book, Renegade, I thought sure we had read it, but I couldn't find when.

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EJ Fisch (ejfisch) | 117 comments Oh dang, I totally would have nominated Renegade, but I could have sworn we already read it too.

I'm currently about 50% through this book. I've really enjoyed the characters throughout this series, and with such a strong military theme, there's plenty of excitement. This book adds a heist element, something I've always loved, and I'm excited to see how it all pans out.

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