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John Seymour Q4 - Question 4. Please share any passages you found noteworthy.

John Seymour "Intolerance of trifles ruins great plans." Sima Yi, quoting Confucius, Chapter 103

"What counts is not numbers but the ability to surprise and outwit the enemy." Sima Yi, Chapter 106

In taking control of the Wei Dynasty, Sima Yi draws distinctions between lords acting in their own interests, whom he freely executes with their families, and vassals acting pursuant to their duties, whom he frees and replaces in positions of trust. I thought the assumption that loyalty was structural, not personal, was interesting.

"[The troops] dream of sacrificing themselves in our cause. . . ." Jiang Wei arguing for yet another invasion of Wei, Chapter 115. I somehow doubt him.

"And so the Han ceased to exist." Chapter 118.

"It would behoove Your Majesty to develop your virtue and bring security to the people of the Southland." Hua He to Sun Hao, shortly before the fall of south and the reunification of China under the Jin Dynasty (Sun Hao doesn't take his advice). Chapter 120.

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"She was singularly plain and extraordinarily talented. She had studied everything, even books of strategy and magic." Zhuge Liang's wife

"The Prince dies for his father and the handmaid for her husband. One eternal principle guides us all." Liu Chan's wife

"A dead Zhuge Liang can scare off a live Sima Yi."

"The man appears like a god and disappears like a demon." Zhuge Liang

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