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Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7591 comments Mod
B.J. Chase and Rafe Mendoza's operations collide in Caracas. Was it B. J.'s fault that she was unaware of the BOI op? Should her career have taken a hit?

Anita (anitanodiva) | 817 comments There was a real muck-up with that op. I think is was someone on B.J.'s end who wanted her to look bad. But, BOI works deep cover and independent so not many people know what they are doing.

Robin (robinmy) | 1213 comments I'm thinking the same thing as Anita. Not too many people would know what BOI is working on. Therefore, there could be times when operations accidentally overlap.

Jonetta (ejaygirl) | 7591 comments Mod
It just doesn't seem like someone at B. J.'s level would have been able to flush out this info. No way should she have taken the hit.

Robin (robinmy) | 1213 comments No, it wasn't her fault. Either her boss or someone even higher than him might have known about the overlap, but she wouldn't.

Charlene (charlenethestickler) | 1379 comments I agree with all your comments above. B.J. was unfairly treated by the guys first time around, for sure. I really felt anger on her behalf.

Anita (anitanodiva) | 817 comments You are right, the BOI guys really didn't make a good impression the first time. She got in all kinds of trouble. This is what happens when govt. agencies don't share intel.

Amie (alm0824) | 2 comments I agree, I don't think B.J. would have been aware of the BOI and she shouldn't have been held responsible.

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