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John Seymour Q3 - Question 5 - Share any passages or quotes that you found especially noteworthy.

John Seymour I was struck by the bloodthirstiness of the scene in chapter 64 in which Ma Chao, having been defeated in battle returns to his city to find the gates locked - his wife and children are butchered before his eyes on the city walls and their bodies, in parts, thrown down to him. He shortly thereafter gains access to the city and exacts revenge, butchering the families of those responsible.

In the next chapter, Kongming outlines his views on proper governance: "Our new administration must win respect through legal authority; when the laws are carried out, then the people will appreciate our kindnesses. Moreover we must use rank to limit ambition so that when rank is granted, the honor will be appreciated. Balanced bestowing of kindness and honor will restore proper relations between lord and vassal, and the principals of good governance will again be manifest."

In the next chapter, Cao Cao is preparing for another attack on the Southland and Fu Gan objects: "When might and virtue are in balance, true kingship can be achieved."

"As the sage Confucius said, when you give offense to heaven, to whom can you pray?" Cao Cao, shortly before his death. Chapter 78

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I like your last quote John.

"Liu Bei grieved for Zhang Ren, although Zhang Ren had been an enemy, for he was a brave man. Zhang Ren was given honourable burial, sepulture beside the Golden Goose Bridge, where all the passers-by would be reminded of his loyalty." I like the way enemies admire loyalty in their enemies.

"My Lord, control your grief" said Zhuge Liang. "Life and death are fixed by fate"

"While this was going on, three cohorts under Wei Yan, Guan Xing and Zhang Bao arrived from three points, and a great confused battle began. The soldiers of Wei were driven off and chased for three miles." 3 is obviously significant at this stage.

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