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Needing an Editor

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GreenFairy (greenfairy429) | 12 comments I messaged you privately.

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Manasa Kannan | 8 comments Sent you a DM

message 3: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 194 comments Dear Melissa:

I am an experienced full-time editor. You can check out my Facebook page at Editing by Carol Tietsworth. I edit all genres. For new clients, I normally edit the first 500 words, as a free sample. This lets me see you you work as well as providing the same to you. When I edit, I also proofread, as I am already in there, and offer suggestions (in parentheses, that you can choose to use or not, at your discretion. I charge.004/word for an edit. So your work, being between 140K words and 160K words would be= 140,000 words, minus 500 free=139,500 x .004=$558. I require at least half down before I start and half at the end, half is $279.00. 160,000 minus 500 free-159,500 x .004=$638, half is $319.00. I can supply authors I have edited for if you need them. Carol (legal2b@yahoo.com)

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Julie Gray (juliegray) | 6 comments Hey Melissa! Sounds like a really great project! I'd love to help. My website is www.juliegray.info so check that out and drop me a line. Also, Julie is a really great choice for your character's name! ;)

Julie Gray

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Joce (writethroughthenight) | 6 comments Hi!! If you're still looking for someone, I'd love to help out!! Your piece sounds incredible and I really want to read it :)

My prices: https://writethroughthenight.wordpres...

feel free to email me at writethroughthenight@gmail.com and we can negotiate something

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Hi Melissa. My name is Jim Dodds and I’ve worked with more than three dozen writers on Goodreads over the last two years. I’ve worked on children’s books, poetry, a memoir, and even an e-book sex manual. I love it! My clients tell me that my approach is honest and caring, and that my tag line is true; It’s YOUR Story.

Obviously, my edits are going to have some impact—that’s the idea, right? But I won’t take over. I always do a one to two thousand word sample for free, to make sure I give you a rate that’s fair to both of us.

I’m starting to fill in my schedule for the summer and I’d love to talk to you about YOUR Story! Testimonials can be viewed on my website: http://its-your-story.weebly.com/test.... You'll see Rates available there too. Good luck on your book.

Thank you,
Jim Dodds

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