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John Seymour Q3 - Question 2. The Oath Brotherhood also comes to an end in this book. Each of the brothers dies in a manner that reflects somewhat poorly on their character. What did you think of the way the oath brothers die? Why do you think the author took this approach?

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Patrick Robitaille | 894 comments I have to admit that, while I am still captivated by the story, their deaths (and also Cao Cao's) fell rather flat for me. Even though Zhuge Liang is still heavily involved in the action, the disappearance of the other main protagonists leaves a big hole. I would have expected to see them die in battle, but I guess that the author might have stuck close to the real cause of their deaths.

John Seymour Yes, I thought it was disappointing and agree. I enjoyed the book sufficiently that I read other materials about the Three Kingdoms period - and my version has a lot of the history. The author was fairly true to following the main events.

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Book Wormy | 1818 comments Mod
Being honest I was at the point where I didn't really care and now I only really have one "hero" whose story I need to follow.

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