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John Seymour Q3 - Question 1. This volume fleshes out the final shape of the three kingdoms. Which of these "kingdoms" has the better argument, in your view, to be the true successor to the Han Dynasty? Does it matter if they are a successor or a continuation?

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Patrick Robitaille | 933 comments From the start, it appears that the Shu kingdom would have a better claim, Liu Bei being the uncle of the emperor and generally being more loyal to the dynasty than the leaders of the Wu or Wei kingdoms. That feeling is also reinforced by the more "virtuous" actions of Liu Bei, his brothers and Zhuge Liang.

John Seymour That was my feeling as well, and I think the view of the author. There is a critique in Chinese scholarship that in putting his loyalty to his oath brothers, Liu Bei failed to show true filial understanding and thus wasn't deserving of the empire.

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Book Wormy | 1989 comments Mod
I would say the Shu kingdom as well especially seen as Zhuge Liang also appears to be winning every battle.

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