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message 1: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Aristodemou (andreasaristodemou) | 92 comments https://youtu.be/63ssKBYRj10
I think this is the order that Cassadra herself prefers readers to read her books.

message 2: by Sail ♛ (new)

Sail ♛ A Wicked Reader (sailordowden) | 39 comments I think that's a good order to read them (: I know some people say publication order but that's really not necessary. It doesn't spoil you to anything.
I hope you enjoy them!!

message 3: by ~Bellegirl91~ (new)

~Bellegirl91~ (bellegirl91) | 78 comments I started these 2 years ago mainly so I can not only watch Shadowhunters BUT also see what I'm getting into haha. So my cousins wife had me start Clockwork Angel AFTER City of Glass and b/c Clare intertwined Infernal Devices with the last 3 Mortal Instruments. So she finished ID before City of Heavenly Fire and I say TRY to finish those BEFORE you finish Mortal Instruments.

The way I personally did it (because of cliffhangers and lots of fangirling anyway) I decided to just read ID all at once and then pick up on book 4 of Mortal Instruments and finished to the end. It's actually helped a ton that way. Then when you're done with those start Bane Chronicles/Shadowhunter academy (I've read all Bane but got halfway through the ebooks for SA and still have yet to finish those....) but if you can't get to them then go on ahead and pick up Dark Artifices. But I still suggest to read those other two as well. or actually, just buy the ebooks if you have a kindle and read Shadowhunter Academy and make sure you get at LEAST passed the one called The Lost Herondale. That story plays a HUUUUGE role in the Dark Artifices.

message 4: by Erica (new)

Erica | 28 comments I think that's fine. I think that you gain the right amount of information about her world from starting either TMI or TID first. City of Heavenly Fire does spoil Clockwork Princess (if you decide to read TMI first), but as far as I can remember that's the only major spoiler coming from another series. A friend of mine actually read TID before TMI and she said that she preferred it that way. That being said, I don't think that's the order Cassandra Clare wants her readers to read it in.

I'm not too sure about TftSA and Lady Midnight. I haven't read SA yet, so I don't know if it spoils Lady Midnight or not. But other than that, I think it's a perfectly good order to read it! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did :)

message 5: by Lilia (new)

Lilia | 67 comments Has anyone else read TMI first? That's actually the only Cassie Clare series I read... I've been meaning to read TID for the longest time though!

message 6: by Erica (new)

Erica | 28 comments Lilia wrote: "Has anyone else read TMI first? That's actually the only Cassie Clare series I read... I've been meaning to read TID for the longest time though!"

I read TMI first. In fact, I read the first five instead of the first three before TID (Heavenly Fire wasn't released at that point yet, if it were I would have finished the whole series first). Definitely read TID as soon as you can! It's my favorite CC series to date :)

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