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Leslie Smith-Lagan | 20 comments Hello, once again you guys! So I'm in search of a specific book. I was listening to this romance book a while back and wound up not finishing it before it was due back. Only, I can't remember what it was called. Here is what I remember from when I had it:

It's a highland romance novel. The book starts off with two girls hiding in their room when their home attacked. They have a nanny/governess looking after them at that time and she's trying to bar them safely in the room where they've hidden. However, the heroine of the story takes control and leads them through an escape tunnel. When they get the end, the nanny/governess goes out to see if the coast is clear, only she's murdered. The heroine pushes her sister into a small hiding area and she winds up captured. Her sister is able to flee with their male cousin I do believe, but she's captured and forced to marry a laird's son roughly around the same age as her(13-ish). She is basically forced to live with her 'husband' and bare him children right away...she winds up with four kids I think...and they've been locked up in a tower by her husband's brother. I think the oldest son murdered his father, but the mom is taking the blame for it. Anyways, this womans female cousin has her husband ask a friend to go rescue this woman and her four kids. Which is exactly he does...this is as far as I got before I lost the opportunity to finish it.

I'm sorry that I don't know any names of the characters. I know that would make it so much easier to look up. :/

Anyway, if you guys have any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears!


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Leslie Smith-Lagan | 20 comments Nevermind you guys! After searching until I thought my eyes would bleed, I've finally found it! It;s called Conquered by the Highlander Conquered by the Highlander (Conquered Bride, #1) by Eliza Knight .

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