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Colin Forbes (colinforbes) | 492 comments Discussion seems to have dried up quite early for this book. Is that because so many of you had read it before this month?

I really enjoyed the book, for it's world-building and the great cast of characters. I found that I didn't mind that it was 'plot-light' because I was enjoying just passing the time of day with the crew.

There were a few moments that didn't seem terribly well executed though. (Tagged as spoilers, just in case.)

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Those were the ones that stuck out for me. You probably have your own examples.

I was reminded of a question that's often asked on the Writing Excuses podcast. Has the author kept her promises to the reader? In these areas, I think not.

Still a good read overall though, despite my nit-picking.

message 2: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J Austill | 72 comments Agree on both. The second one in particular put me off, and I was pretty set on a 5 star rating until then.

Shad (splante) | 345 comments I agree on both as well and that the promises made to the reader were not met.

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Stephen Ivy | 25 comments I read many a book where I hated all the characters, but enjoyed the plot/story/etc. This book was the complete opposite. It definitely was a long, enjoyable journey with disappointing destinations.

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Rick | 2790 comments it's not a book that hinges on plot. At all. For people who need or want a plot structure to hang the story on, this was never going to be more than an OK read. I'm not saying that you all shouldn't be disappointed or shouldn't downrate it if that's your personal criterion for a good book, just that it didn't intend to be plot driven so on its own terms it didn't fail at that.

On the issues above...

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However, for a first novel? Not going to complain about those too much.

Alex Tang | 13 comments About the first one. I thought it was in line with the rest of the book. (view spoiler)

Melani | 179 comments So reading through these posts has helped me solidify why I didn't love the book. There isn't much of a plot, which is fine I like books that don't have much of a plot all the time. But there's no real character growth or development either. The characters are well drawn but ultimately flat and non-dynamic. The book contains neither an inner journey nor an outer journey and thus is just kind of.... there. In fact most of the big character scenes are either brushed over and ignored (Rosemary) or happen offscreen (the Ohan thing).

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