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message 1: by Bridget (new)

Bridget (goodreadscombbooks) | 45 comments Mod
Hey guys! I saw someone comment on Twitter saying they needed some help figuring out what books to read for the challenges and thought the idea of creating a thread for everyone to comment ideas would be awesome! If you have a book you think works really well for a challenge, comment here and tell us. :)

message 2: by Peter (new)

Peter (ptetr) | 12 comments Well... for the 1,200 pages challenge I always try to go for something with shorter pages (such as the Narnia box set; It reads really quickly and the pages add up), so if you're not the fastest reader in the world (like me) and find yourself busy during the read-a-thon (like me) it's an effective strategy.
The Cover challenge is a particularly difficult one if you don't focus on covers when choosing books. A good way to go about it is choosing an author you like; in my case I'll probably read an Agatha Christie mystery, because they're easy reads, they have cool covers, and I don't have to worry about them being something I won't like.
I'm personally struggling to find a book for the Multiple Authors challenge. If anyone has some suggestions I would really appreciate it!

message 3: by BlurryBug (new)

BlurryBug | 30 comments Thanks for this, its just what I wanted <3
can someone recommend a book for the travelling challenge?

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara S. (millionbookstoread) These Broken Stars by Amie Kauffman and Megan Spooner is a good one for the book with multiple authors. It is a relatively fast read (I'm a slow reader too). As for the travel book I'm reading You Are Here by Jennifer E. Smith. It is short and pretty fast. I've heard Paper Towns by John Green is good and I'm going to be reading Amy & Roger's Epic Detour soon, I hear it's a good read too. Just some suggestions :)

message 5: by Peter (new)

Peter (ptetr) | 12 comments Those are some great suggestions—I'll have to check them out!

message 6: by Meneniareads (new)

Meneniareads (nenia) | 9 comments My strategy for the 1200 pages challenge is reading kids books and graphic novels.

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