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Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10)
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message 1: by Nicholas (new) - added it

Nicholas (ntdaley) | 2 comments I have the edition of Terry Pratchett's "Moving Pictures" with the ISBNs:
ISBN = 0-575-04763-1
ISBN13 = 9-780575-04763-1

The information for the edition in goodreads is incomplete, and the cover doesn't match the picture shown for that edition.
I don't know if the ISBN needs to be taken off that edition, or the image needs to be changed.

The details of my copy of the book:
format: hardcover
First Published in Great Britain November 1990 by Victor Gollancz Ltd.
Second impression November 1990
279 Pages

The cover matches the picture from this edition (which doesn't show an ISBN):
Moving Pictures - A Discworld Novel
and seems to match the other details for that edition.

Hope a librarian can either copy the correct info into the edition with the ISBNs, or move the ISBNs to the edition I identified.


The edition with matching ISBN but wrong details
Moving Pictures

The edition with matching details but no ISBN
Moving Pictures - A Discworld Novel

message 2: by David (new) - added it

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments I think you are right. The cover we have for ISBN 0-575-04763-1 was added by an Amazon bot, and I think it belongs with another edition, namely the RoC bookclub edition:

But what I think doesn't matter, because there is no proof (and probably never will be proof) that this cover was never used for this ISBN.

The solution is to make the edition without ISBN an alternate-cover edition (ACE), which I did.

message 3: by Nicholas (new) - added it

Nicholas (ntdaley) | 2 comments Thanks

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