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Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Book about lab created virus? [s]

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Vianca Jimenez | 4 comments I dont know much about this book. All I know is that the book is about two friends who grow up to be doctors. One of the doctors creates a virus and I think he spreads it to the entire human race. the doctor creates a cure before injecting himself with the virus and his girlfriend as well (I think her name is Sam?). Doctor 2 I think is also injected with the cure. (His name is either Paul or Peter? I could be completely wrong) In the end, Doctor 2 tries to save Doctor 1 and has to choose to save his friend or the human race? (I know the ending has a cliffhanger)

I heard about this book from a friend and she doesn't remember the name of the book and I really want to know what it's called so I can read it

Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Vianca, you can bump this thread every month or so to keep it near the top of the list. More people will see it, and hopefully you will get more people seeing it.

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Kris | 32318 comments Mod
Tabatha, around what year did your friend first hear about this book?

What's the tone - thriller, horror, action, romance, etc.?

Location - country, region?

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Vianca Jimenez | 4 comments My friend remembered the book title. Oryx and Crake

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Kris | 32318 comments Mod
Glad you found your book, Vianca. Here's the link - Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

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