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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments There you go. Im a poet and I dont care.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments Silas O'Hare stepped into the dinner of The Southern Mission, his dog, Kidd was by his side and he had a bag flung over his shoulder. It was exactly 9:50 in the morning, the same time he always showed up, as he figured out it was right before they got busy and would get the best food possible. He walked his way down to table 21 and sat in the back left corner. He felt for the salt, pepper, and creamer and put them to the right side of him and sat up straight as he awaited Sarah, the waitress Silas calls on specifically. Kidd laid down next to his owner, his tail waging.
(This is Kidd BTW-(view spoiler)))

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments ((Lol sorry I was at work))

Sarah readjusted her hair and checked her watch, stiffling a yawn. 9:48...9:49.... at 9:50 she smiled to herself as she heard the door open. Right on time. Every morning, right on time. Now with a smile on her face, she made her way over to his table and tapped the table like she did every morning "Morning Silas! How's your morning going so far??". She was still tired but just seeing him made her day a bit brighter

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Doing just great, Had a lovely shower and did a bit of a workout. Then gave Kidd a bit of a walk and came over here, not like you don't know all that already." He smiled as he peeled off his glasses, revealing his pale green eyes and wiped them. "How has yours been, Miss Donley, do anything exciting from yesterday? Also, how was my podcast from yesterday, you are my favorite critic after all." Silas was a bit of a scatterbrain and just said what came to mind, which made him good at his job as a talk show host. The show was called Paradox of a Man and was him and Hannibal, his mate, just talking and interviewing famous and not famous peolpe for the hell of it.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She eased herself into the chair across from him with a sigh "They did me dirty. Someone called out, so i had to take the empty shift. Ended working 9 am to 10.....????11????? I can't remember. Other than that... I'm fine. Loved the podcast by the way." Sarah listened to it whenever she could. "Though i think you went a little hard on the poor guy from last night. Sounded like he could go off any second!!!" She let out a little laugh "Can't remember his name for the lfe of me though" Work for her made it a little harder to remember people's names and faces , due to the fact that she saw and heard so many every day

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Oh wow, that sounds awful. I could never work at a place like this, though I dont think I could anyways. Too much for my simple scattermind." He smiled as she talked about the podcast. "Sawyer Johnson, well he was a bit of a prick, so you kind of gotta go hard on that type. He is a big business type, so we decided to play the part of conspiracy theorist." He laughed as he slid the menu to you. "You already know what i want, been this way for a solid year now."

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "Simple scattermind??? Psshhhhh. I think you are brilliant!!!" She said grandly and scooped up the menu before sranding up, a few vertebrae in her back popping as she straightened "ohhhh that's better. Any way, be right bsck with your order" she tapped the table again and left. She always rung him up for the same thing, but sometimes there was a little bit extra. Some of the kitchen staff were kind hearted people, so things like extra bacon, extra toast, and egg, maybe a pancake would find its way onto the plate. Sometimes at Sarah's request, sometimes not

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Well thank you darlin', your pretty smart if you can run all this." He chuckled as he leaned down to pet his dog while he waited for his food. Today he had a morning show and an after noon show so that tomorrow he got the day off, that was always the weird days. He never knew what to do so he usually just hung out at the Southern Mission, helping when he could, letting Kidd get peoples scraps. He was well known here for him hanging out and his show. Silas always ordered everyday for breakfast some black coffee, a piece of toast or a biscuit, and two pieces of chewy bacon.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments A few minutes later, Sarah was back again. She set the coffee down and the plate. This time there was extra bacon "Saint Marie insisted" Marie was this tiny spanish cook in the back who was like everyone's mother. 'Saint Marie because she was always doing little tidbits and niceties. "She says 'buenos dias'' Sarah grinned. She was a little more perked up, having sneaked a little shot of espresso from the machine.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He grinned as he smelt his food. "Well tell her that I said, Gracias por ser tan increíble, Kidd will have more to eat." He got the bacon so Kidd could have something and tossed a piece down to him. The old dog began to bite on it slowly. "I see you got some caffiene into you. Sit, you can have some of my coffee, Senorita." He knew almost everyone in the back by name, they were like family, since the one he got thought he was nuts.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "I swear every server to ever exist runs on caffiene, sugar, and the occasional alcohol binge" she laughed lightly and sat down across from him again "and no i'm not partaking of the coffee..... at least until you've had some first." She was raised to believe the owner got first and last pick of things. Sarah tepped her fingers on the table, watchjng more seevers come into the restaurant as their clock in time came closer

((Bleeehhhhhhhh i should be asleep. I got work tomorrow morning))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments ((Get some sleep, Ill be here.))

He took a drink of his coffee and then slid it over to her. "Not just servers, personalities also run on caffeine and alcohol. I know I do." He laughed. His laugh was very bubbly and deep. "Today on the morning show were doing the cool buisness bit and I am gonna talk about this place, so I need to now. Who wouldnt like there name said?" He listen to the tapping, her alarm for him when she was around, it always made his charming smile appear.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She picked the coffe cup up with both hands and took a loooonnnngggggg sip "Mmmmmm" Sarah soghed happily and slid the cup back over "much better than straight espresso. You know with me running the place i have to rely very strongly on the caffeine and booze. Only way to stay sane" she laughed with him. Though she would never admit it, she absolutely loved the sound of his laugh. Sarah perked up at the talk of the news show "In this place of attention whores???? Hmmmmmmmmm....." she resumed her tapping as she thought. "Definately the shy ones. Becky and Steve...... and Keagan I think. All the others would lovvvveeeee the attention. They might just try to run me over to try to talk to you if the heard"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Keagan would love it if I told about the time he managed to make a sentence in braille and was trying to write hello or something like that but actually wrote I like monkey shit. Not even kidding." He took a bite out of the toast as he nodded about the attention part. "Well, Charley and Francine would run you and me over and run to the damn studio to talk about themselves." He grabbed the cup again and drank hat was left and then slide it over to you. He tossed what bcon was left down to Kidd and chuckled again. "I remember Saint Maria about killed Keagan for what he put down." He then let out his laugh again.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah let out a couple of coughs into her elbow that sounded suspiciously like laughing " sorry. When did this happen??? Was I unloading the truck???? God that's not funny" again the coughing "But oone thing's for sure, you are absolutely right about Charley and Francine. Give them an inch and they take me on a goddamn roadtrip" when he mentioned Saint Marie, she slapped the table lightly, to not startle Silas with the sudden noise "I actually remember that!!! That was on truck day! I remember coming in from the back of house and Marie is literally chasing Keagan down with the rolled up invoice and cursing at him in Spanish" this time she laughed openly "oh man that was one of the best things I've seen in a long while. She absolutely loves you man... Oh and dont forget about Greg!! Older guy in the back, calls everyone 'baby'????"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He did jump when you slapped the table but quickly calm down as you talked, about to start laughing again as the memory came back to him, but didnt. "You do not want to know what she was calling him, lets say it was pretty bad." He scratched his beard as he remembered. "Oh yeah, Greg. I never really talked to him, kinda gives me the hibbie jibbies, his voice is very monotone and like, raspy? I guess. Saint Maria gives me cookies at christmas last year..speaking of which what day is it? I can't remember if it was today or tommorow I needed to go the doctor."

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "come on,Greg's a good guy, though I do have to admit, his voice sounds a little....creepy . He's also the one who gave me the idea for the food drive last year too, though. Sweet guy. Sarah started tapping again. What day was it?????? Hmmmmmmmm "I'm almost positive it's the 26.... Why do you need to go to the doctors???? You're not secretly dying on me, are you??????" she joked. Then "you're not, are you??"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Eh..I just dont know him like you do, thats just my opinion." He listened to the tapping, her signal just sounded lovely, especially with the nails, long nails he thought must be so helpful, he just nibbles his down to nothing. "Nah, just to get my sleep medicine, you know, witht the weird sleep schedule, I cant really tell day or night, I mean, I can, my mind dosen't though so sleeps at weird times. Do not worry, I am not dying. I would take you with me before then." He let out a fake sinister laugh that turned into his normal one after a bit.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She face palmed "right in an idiot. You can't tell, but I just smacked myself on the forehead because of how stupid I was. " she heard the second part and went "you'll never take me alive!!!..... Which kind is exactly what you want... Meh. I tried" Sarah started laughing again. She always looked forward to their morning conversations, sometimes they were so stupid. But in a good way. And she always went through the rest of the day just... Happy

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Everything you just said was gibberish." He coughed and scratched his head. "Like, All of it. Anyways, I better be going, Ill be back in for lunch." He chuckled as he woke Kidd up. "See you at 11:50 exactly." He grabbed the leash and walked out. FOr two hours he was recording and did talk about the business. So, Everyday I go to this place called The Southern Mission. They are the coolest peolpe you'll ever meet. There is my server Sarah, she is just a doll, and she is so kind to me. There is Maria, who we call Saint Maria because how lovely she is, she is a small spanish lady who loves to smack me if I cuss near her... He talked about the rest of this 'family' and thats what ended the show. At exactly 11:50, he came back in, without his jacket and Kidd looked more excited to be here, He always got more food during lunch.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah had more tables when he came in, normally they had a nice little pop or rush from about 12:00-2:00. She rushed about from table to table, refilling drinks and running food and prebussing. Yet she always managed to talk with Silas. She grinned when she saw him came in, at exactly 11:50. Tapping on the table top, Sarah took a quick look around to gage the conditions of her other tables. Seeing that she wouldn't be needed for a few minutes, she tapped the table again and greeted Silas "'ello again!!"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Hello, Love. Just got done with recording and a doctors appointment. Did everyone listen in today?" He prayed they did as he thought he said good things about them. "What are you gonna feed me today, as always, its Sarah's choice." He chuckled at that joke. Today at lunch he was sitting at the counter so he could say hi to everyone. Kidd just wandered around near his owner, begging for scraps.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "did every one listen???? At first Keagan of it on his phone and turned the volume up, which was fine until everyone gathered around and started neglecting their work. Plus I couldn't hear that well.... So I put it on the speakers. Expect to be bombarded." she joked and took out her notepad "hmmmmmm" she scribbled something down. From behind the counter, Marie was cutting up pieces of steak and started throwing them to Kidd

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Well that is good to hear. I enjoy questions." He smiled as he grabbed from behind the counter a peice of bubble gum and threw down a quarter and began chewing on it. Kiss was going ape shit as he saw the miracle meat fly from the most awesome of ladies to him. He slipped under the door and went close to her, hoping for more meat. Silas chuckled and claled Kidd back who came reluctantly.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "Most likely it will be questions like 'why didn' t you say this??"'" shejoked. Sarah packed top watch the whole fiasco with Kidd and Marie. Marie went to the door and offered the dog the rest of the steak "Nadie va a querer medio filete" she said cheerfully and ducked beck into the kitchen to continue to prepare the food.
"speaking of food..... Hmmmmmm what to get you?????? " she crossed out what she written and put something else down before handing it off to Marie

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "yeah, why I didn't talk more about Charles." He joked as well and looked at Marie since he was at equal height with her sitting down. "Lo disfrutará mucho. Gracias Marie." The dog loved it, eating it all up as quick as he could. "I hope it taste good, or I demand a full refund." He loved teasing with you, besides flirting because that makes peolpe feel good.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "you have forgotten where you are" Sarah joked "and who's in the kitchen." Marie replied "gracias senor" and disappeared to go and make it. A few minutes later Marie slid a burger and fries his way. Sarah had no idea how, but Marie definitely made the best burgers in the entire restaurant. And of course, it was just the way he liked it. Sarah also had a ton of regulars to remember and their preferences, and somehow was able to prevent them from getting all muddled up in her head

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Yeah, this is gonna be good." He took a large bite of the burger when it came and sank in his seat a little. "Mmm..This is a good burger." He set it down and wiped his beard from the juices. Are you open to come over to the studio around three? I would like to to interviews at the afternoon show. I think Hannibal will like you besides, you probably will make him smile the way you make me." He smiled, trying to use charm to get her to come.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah actually blushed a little. The charm wasn't needed, she was going to say yes anyway. But before she could, she saw someone wave for their check "hold that thought" she said quickly and went to take care of her guest. After they were satisfied and left, Sarah returned and tapped the counter "of course!!!! I always wanted to actually...... Technically I work tonight too, but I'm sure someone else can pick up my shift, like I've done so many times"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Good, good." He went back to eating and making sure Kidd didnt run any children over. It was about ten minutes after he started he finsihed the burger and was munching on the fries. "Marie, Gracias on the burger!! Its very good." He called out as he rubbed his eyes, fighting the tiredness he had from last night and digged in his bag for his pills. He got one and popped it in his mouth, swallowing it without water.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah went ahead and her tables while he ate, and brought him a glass of water in the way to give someone a refill, tapping the glass to announce its presence, though she only had time to drop it offThe instant she had another moment of free time, she tapped the glass again and asked "are you alright?? you look a little tired" she knew him long enough to know when he was feeling down, tired, or upset.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Hmm..Yeah, Im fine. Just tired. Havent sleep in like, three days. Fighting the urge to pass out." He smiled as he sipped the water and finsihed off his last fry. He really was exhausted and was gonna sleep as soon as he got home from the studio. He let out a sigh. "I will hang out until your ready and then we can go there, it is not that far, walking distance easily." He smiled at her and took his drink and took anouther drink.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah bit her lip. He didn't need water" she tapped the table "hey I'll brb" she said before disappearing again. Later she returned with a nice, hot cup of coffee "I heard your plea for caffeine, and I answered" grinning grandly, she sat the cup down and tapped it "I think I'm going to go ahead and just keep the coffee going for you until I'm ready to leave. How are you even awake??"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "I have zero idea. Insomnia and Non-24 are a bad combo." He glady took the cup and almost chugged down the glass. "I guess now would be a bad tine to say pout it on my tab? Hehe..." He quickly shut up before more stupid words flew out and more coffee went in instead. "Maybe after the show I can get some sleep."

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "you know Marie would kill me if I tried.," the tab was more of a joke really. They rarely charged him. Sarah took the empty glass of water and said "I definitely recommend you get some sleep after the show. Speaking of which, I really only need to cash myself out. It's a pain in the ass but doesn't take that long really. Just a bunch of math" she made a face and tapped the table to announce her leaving before going to the office in the back out of sight from other patrons and took the glass with her

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He smiled as he called Kidd iver so he could pet him and relax. In his mind he was troubled. It was more then the tirednezs. He was depressed beyond all belief. He had no idea why, the pills were suppose to cheer him up, something he wouldnt tell her. He did have non 24 pills as well but rarely took those. "Its ok Kidd, tomorrow it will happen." He smiled sadly then put his happy mask back on as he drank more coffee.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah showed up again looking a little more refreshed and humming quietly. Sometimes she had songs stuck in her head that just refused to leave, or songs she just liked so much she couldn't help but hum them. But she rarely actually sang. Tapping the table, she smiled at him "hey, ready to go???? We gotta move quickly before anyone else realizes I'm gone and tries to suck me back in"

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments ((how did I not see this??))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He looked up towards her, a small smile still on his face. "Yes mame, lets go quickly." He got up and grabbed a leash of his dog and stood. He held out an elbow to be a gentleman. "Shall we head off?" He gave out a chuckle as he walked to the simple station down the road.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah put her hand on his arm and grinned at him "yes we shall" they left quickly, but not before getting a few odd looks from the servers, and the odd whine of 'its not fairrrrrrr'. She was still snickering even after leaving. God, it felt good to not literally sell her soul to the place for a day. It took so much effort to run the damn thing, so much damn love and care, that even small outings like this were a blessing

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He walked into the studio and lead you to the recording studio with Paradox of a Man on the front where the large man known as Hannibal was already setting up. "We have a guest for the next 3 hpurs." he smiled and patted your wrist as he lead you to his area and hooked you up. For the next three and a half hours you got asked questions anout the diner and then they three of you would talk about whatever. After everything was done, Silas signed off. "And remember all you listeners, trust no one and live simply, this is Silas and Hannibal signing off." And he looked at you. "Well there is a day in the life of Me. How do you like it?"

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah spun around in the chair like a little kid. "I loved it!!!! Though my one concern.... I'll never be able to go back to the restaurant again. If I do, there will no more be Sarah Donley" she laughed "to be honest, I haven't had that much fun in a while"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "This is very true, theyll rip and roar your ass." he laughed. She seemed to bring out happiness in him, she was the only thing it seemed like now and days. "I got a question for you, a serious one. Is it worth it? Your work and all the stress.. You always complain about it and I just wanted to know if there was a light for you at the end of the tunnel." His face got very calm as he asked it, and some age began to show on his face.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She stopped spinning. This was serious time. Actually, now that she had time to think about it, was it worth it?? " yes...." she said slowly "because it brings joy and happiness to the guests and the people that work there. I k ow I complain a lot, and yeah it can be stressful, but what job isn't,???? I mean I'm only 25, and I run a goddamn restaurant. I pretty much raised that place from the ground up to put smiles on peoples faces. It's what makes me happy"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments He scratched at his beard. "I see, that is good to know. Well I guess Ill take you back and tjen Ill try to get some sleep." He gave you a kimd smile, a knowing look in his eyes. He prayed she didnt know anything anput what he was going through. He did have sleeping pills in his med pouch and knew what he needed to do. He stood up and popped his back and grabbed Kidd again. "I just was asking to see how you were, that you wernt drowing in wprk."

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She made a noise and rested her head on the desk "nope I'm doing great. And you, mister, better get sleep. I will know otherwise and report it to Maria. Then you can be her problem" Sarah joked and stood up with some mild difficulties. " how do you stay in the same chair for 3 hours???" she asked and stretched out her back

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments "Ok, ok. I will get some sleep." he walked you back to the restraunt and smiled as he saw you walk with some discomfort. "I dont, I stand and walk around and do jumping jacks." He gave you a hug and a peck of the cheek. "You have fun. And sarah, I really do care about you." He smiled and walked with Kidd back to his small apartment. He wrote down on a peice of paper a note, To whoever is reading this, I did it. I went off the deep end. My life is perfect bur I am not happy, This was no ones fault, I did this to finally get rest. Tell Sarah Donely that I loved her, for a long time, I did not need to see her to tell she is beutiful. Signi g off for the last time, Silas O'hare. He placed it at the counter by the door and went into the chair, pulled out the entire bottle of sleeping medication and downed it, all of them. He then gave a smile and closed his eyes, hoping this will work.

((Skip to next day freaking out of Sarah since he wasnt on tim?. He forgot that he gave her a key a while aho to let her check up on him from time to time.))

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sarah paced "where is he?????" she groaned and looked at her watch. She readjusted her messy bun, like she did when she was nervous and took the keys out of her pocket. They were attached to all the other keys. Store keys, house keys, car keys. It really worried her that he wasn't here. It actually worried everybody else too, Silas was here often enough that they knew his routine "im going to go check on him. Maybe he slept in. Keep an eye on the store" Sarah told Marie as she left. It took a few minutes to get to his apartment, but she grew more and more worried all the same. Soon enough, she was pounding on the front door "Silas!!!! Heelooooooooo¿?????????"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 514 comments Silas had been in some of his drool, in an almost comatose state due to the pills. He had a bottle of alcohol in his hand very loosely and the bottle of pills were on the floor with pills all around. He had finally found rest and he had some sense of what was around and heard some noise coming from towards the door. There here to take me to my creator he thought and a small smile crept to his face.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Taking a huge breath, Sarah unlocked the door and stepped inside. The first thing she saw was the note. Worry turned to panic when she read it and she ran inside "oh my God!!!!" she placed a hand in front of his face to check if he was breathing. "OK what do I do what do I do what do I do" she repeated over and over. Common sense. She swallowed down her panic "call the ambulance.... Don't let him fall asleep......."

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