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Tumultus (Chronicles of Fate and Choice #2)
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Title: Tumultus (Chronicles of Fate and Choice #2)
Author: K.S. Turner
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Paranormal
Pages Count: 512

Review Due Date: June 15

Book Description: Aeons away, on the far side of infinity, where the shadow is darkest and laughter rare, a black-winged Nigh-kutu paces a darkened room in agitation. His brother is dying. He knows he must embrace the rage and cut free all else that he feels. He must be strong. He must live by their warrior code: Better to have a thousand that cannot loose than a million that might not win. There is no place for weakness anymore. They are going to war. The war. The battle for life itself.

Meanwhile, The world is at peace and the Earth flourishes. The Old One dreams. The Kutu and humans exist in harmony. It is a beautiful time. All appears well and everyone is content. So, why do I sense great trouble?

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