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message 1: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 2 comments Hi, all! So I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, but I'm looking for some help on figuring out the title of a book. The problem is that I don't remember much about it. It was a romance with 20-somethings. The guy wanted the girl at first because she was pretty but, of course, started to really fall for her (generic so far). I remember that he comes over to hang out with her while she does laundry and then they go ATVing too. I think the major conflict happens when he takes her to hang out with his friends, but she had had a traumatic experience with one of the guys in the past and freaks out and leaves. In the end, it's happily-ever-after with a baby. For some reason, I keep thinking they call the baby "peanut." She has a girl friend and he has a guy friend who end up together too. I know it's not much to go on, but it's driving me crazy and I hope some one can help!

message 2: by Vega_girl (new)

Vega_girl | 6624 comments Hmmm, I don't know but it sounds amazing!! I'll keep thinking...

hopeless romantic | 16 comments I don't think I know it but I'll help you search 😊 good luck finding it

message 4: by Javona (new)

Javona | 20 comments The book I think your are talking about is called levitate by Kaylee Ryan

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 2 comments Yep, that's it. Thank you! You all are amazing help!

message 6: by Vega_girl (new)

Vega_girl | 6624 comments Ok my turn....its a long shot because evem as think about it it soumds like almost every other dystopian ya...but here goes

So ther is a girl whose country was over taken amd she becomes like a slave of shorts....then she helps rebels and they win their country back amd of course there is a boy who she falls in love with but he is part of the country that wants to enslave hers.....the big thing here was that the book was written in Dual they betray eachother several times, but seeing it from both POV its impossible to decide which is the "good" guy and which is the "bad"...

The last book I read ended on an evil cliffhanger but its been several years so surely the last book is out there!!!

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