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Thanks peeps! :)

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ooooo O.o

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wats up

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imboredashell u?

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lol same.

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i want school *plz dnt kill me!*

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Me too! I can't wait for school to start. Ours starts on the 24th

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) clicked

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) np

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My new eggies!:
My eggs that haven't hatches yet *tear*lol:
New Hatchlings!:

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Jen did you join???

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I tried but my computer is acting retarded cause my dad is on the phone. So I'll join after he gets off

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Jen lol

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Jen thanks

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Jen :)

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O.o o.O O.O!!! I love those faces! lol

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Jen faces?

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well not faces but idk. like :) ,O.o, xD lol

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Jen ohhhhh!!!

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Jen is your dad off the phone yet???

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No >=(. Our tv broke and he doesn't want to call somebody who knows what they're doing to come and fix it so he's on the phone with one of our friends who is an electrician trying to fix it himself. Not good.

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Jen lol long phone call!

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my moms hd longer

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Jen oh!

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Jen wow!

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) clicked

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Thanks! :)

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) np

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oops wrong code

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There. lol

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) lol, clicked

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yes those look like great EGGS

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Well they were eggs when I posted them. lol

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♥Sarah♥  (sarahrox) clicked all

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hw u get wolfie?
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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I bought it at Remy's Shop or whatever its called. clicked

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hw do u get tht much money?!!!!!

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