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Windy Pineda (vndvl) | 8 comments I read a this book ca 1997. It seemed that belong to a very cheap romantic series.

Is a romantic story of Julie, a girl who has to go to a greek island as part of an old promise made by his grandfather to a man. The promise was to sent his grandaughter to this greek man when she was turning 18 or 20 (I am not sure). All this, because Alastair (I don't remember if he was Julie's cousin or uncle) killed the fiancee of the greek man in the past. She realized all this after she visit the tent of a fortune teller who is part of the attractions of a party in his family's mansion

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The surname of the greek man is Doneo. I don't remember the surname of Julie. I do remember that she used to ride horses. In the greek island there is a castle. And people there work growing oranges or collecting sea sponges.

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boogenhagen | 70 comments Dark Avenger by Anne Hampson

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Windy Pineda (vndvl) | 8 comments boogenhagen wrote: "Dark Avenger by Anne Hampson"

Oh my God! Yes!
Thank you so much <3

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Windy Pineda (vndvl) | 8 comments SOLVED

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boogenhagen | 70 comments Happy Reading :)

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