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Fatimah If you read the book and watched the movie, what did you think about it? Which one did you like better? After I read the book, I immediately watched the movie and was disappointed that some of the major details were left out. Maybe it was because they wanted to focus on the main plot, but even some of the days were missing. It seemed rushed to me. I think I like the book better, (even though it was quite lengthy) it was needed to show all the things she did each day building up to the ending. I didn't get that feeling in the movie.

Mnc18 I liked the movie, but I prefer the book

message 3: by Mel (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mel Campbell Lol i watched (and enjoyed) the movie and was like "i'm sure i know this story..." only to come here and realize i read the book a couple of years ago and hated it XD

message 4: by Sandy (new)

Sandy I haven't read the book but I loved the movie I thought it was well done and stories like this with repeating days can be hard to do visually without becoming boring and feeling repetitive and this one did not feel like that so I think the filmmakers did a great job.

Panna I really liked the movie! I agree that it sucked how some of the details were cut out, but I think it kind of helped tie the story together. I felt that the book dragged on a little, but I didn't feel that at all with the movie. However, I really liked the book too. They both had their pros and cons...

Kennedy i read the book after i watched the movie hoping that the book would be better... honestly didn't like the book anymore than the movie. I found myself getting very bored while reading, just like i did during the movie. Lauren Oliver is one of my favourite authors so i was upset with how boring the book was

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