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message 1: by Faith (new)

Faith Nhapi (fayetino) | 6 comments I started a book review blog about a month and a half ago. I would really like to get some feedback and constructive critism...
My blog adress: https://theonlinebookjunkies.wordpres...

message 2: by Marica (The Book Chick) (last edited Jan 09, 2018 04:10AM) (new)

Marica (The Book Chick) (boookchick) | 10 comments Hi.

I have updated my blog. Some new colors and such. I would love if you had the time to take a look and maybe come with some feedbacks if there is something I should do.

Link to my blog is

Thank you.

message 3: by Aishah (new)

Aishah (informalmee) | 33 comments Hello! Looking for critiques and/or comments on my book blog. I really wanted some opinions and tips on the layout of my blog. Is it to clumped together and unorganized? I feel as if I should make different pages, but am not sure what to label them as. Thanks in advance!

message 4: by Arvenig (new)

Arvenig | 216 comments Hello! I just updated my blog and I'd love some feedback!

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