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Sentinel (Celestial Keys, #1)
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L.D. (ldnash) | 12 comments I can provide any digital format you prefer: ePub, PDF, Mobi? Just shoot me a message or email! All reviews are appreciated!

L.D. Nash

Sentinel (Celestial Keys, #1) by L.D. Nash

Luna Ashwind is the Watcher’s top assassin and her marks are the big, bad uglies that slither out of Hell. She’s worked for a secret society of demon hunters since they found her broken, bleeding and unconscious just four short years ago. They nursed her body back to health but her mind is a different story.

Lucifer’s made good use of his time in Hell. He’s learned of a Heaven-forged talisman with the power to either start or stop the biblical apocalypse without God’s approval. For centuries, he’s sent his best demons topside in search of the three artifacts needed to create this celestial weapon.

Hellhound wrangler Kurbane is topside to capture the angel who stole Cerberus’ key to the Gates of Hell, but when the trail leads him to Luna, he realizes he’d bitten off more than he can chew. Luna is no mere angel – she’s the life or death of all creation.

Sometimes amnesia is a girl's best friend.

L.D. (ldnash) | 12 comments ~Bump~

I still need reviews! Anyone interested?

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