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Patrick Yourell | 3 comments Mod
Just a general update...tell us where you are in the book and what stood out to you in the reading?

message 2: by Reis (last edited May 22, 2017 08:25AM) (new) - added it

Reis Derousseau | 2 comments Right now in this book, I am at the part in the book where the problem that is going on with Jim and his football team is being explained more in depth. It is a big issue for Jim and Homer Sr. because football is a thing they bond over the most and means a lot to them that the football season can be finished out. Homer Jr and his mom have a better relationship that's why they stick together and agree on this subject saying that it isn't worth going to the town lawyer.

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Mallory Pierce | 3 comments The Big Creek football team had been undefeated all season long. They were told by the state that they wouldn't be allowed to participate in the state championship games. The fathers of the football players go to court but the case is dismissed and nothing is done. Also Sonny befriends Quentin who is the class joke but also a genius to help him build a rocket.

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Seth (419Burgers) | 2 comments To where Homer and Sonny agree to move the Rocket Test Sight out of town/ and are trying to agree to move resources into the site and Sonny is trying to get resources like Concrete and Timber but, Homer Sr. refuses to use company resources, and says Sonny has to buy his own.

Miranda Geszvain | 3 comments I am at the part where people are harassing Sonny about the rocket incident(on the bus, etc.) and when they start talking about the football team's wins.

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Brea Fryett | 2 comments Right now, I am at the part when Homer starts talking to Quentin, who is really smart and wants to help build the next rocket with Homer. It surprised me that someone else is interested in rockets in all the towns like Homer is.

Wyatt | 2 comments I am at the part where Homer is getting harassed everywhere he goes, including at his home. Homer Sr is trying to get a lawyer to make it so Big Creek can go to the championship game. All the football fathers and Jim (and the players) want it to happen but Homer and his mom don't think its a good idea. It is suprising to see how Homer Sr doesn't like Homer at all and that he is at the mine so much and not at home.

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Peter Adler | 2 comments At the moment I am at the part where the US attempted to send out they're first satellite which ends in a failure. What stood out to me is the part that Homer has a spot on his lungs about the size of a dime.

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Halle Burkhalter | 3 comments I am at a point in the book where the football team got told they can not go to state because they have played too many out of state teams. What stood out to me is that all of the fathers of the football players are trying to petition the court to change the rule. You can really tell at this point how much Homer Sr. cares for his older son than Homer.

Jacob | 3 comments I am at the point in the book where, Homer is on his way to the science fair in Indianapolis, they all decided Homer should go to present their project because only one person could go.

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Jezzie Graf | 3 comments That the main character started to think about that he has to build the rocket now after he told one too many people. The Quintan character had a bad reputation at the school. Then Quinton wanted to get in the loop with building the rocket. After a while, well Quinton, wanted to enter the science fair with it and try to get a trophy in the trophy case with the football trophies. But the main character wanted nothing to do with that because they have made a laugh out of themselves with the attempted ones before the others.

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