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Chasing the Omega (Small Town, #1)
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Jessica Edwards (jessibess) | 6 comments I really don't want to ask readers to review my book, but I'm really struggling to find people who are willing to do it.
I've self published my book 'Chasing the Omega' and released it in April. It is my very first book and I'm really proud on how I've managed to motivate myself to finishing it.
The story centers around an eighteen year old girl who one night gets mysteriously bitten by a wolf on the full moon.
It's a Paranormal Romance with elements of a Mystery in it, and it's also pretty humorous.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone could review it because as an aspiring author, I really want to improve so I can become a better writer in the future.
I can't wait to see what people think!

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A. Fae (truthaboutbooksbyafae) | 51 comments Hi there! I would be willing to trade reads with you. I am trying to get people a memoir called Mother at 7 by Veronika Gasparyan. I will swap with you if you're willing. Please let me know. Thanks.

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