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message 1: by Patrick (new)

Patrick Robitaille | 900 comments Liu Bei's new wife, Lady Sun, has a penchant for martial arts and weaponry, as described when she was introduced and during the wedding night. I was hoping for some use of these hobbies at some point of the story, but have been disappointed so far (especially when she fell for the lie that made her return to Wu and "fought" with Zhao Yun over the custody of A-Dou). Do you think Lady Sun will be part of some military action at some point, or that her hobbies were just an accessory to the narrative?

message 2: by John (new)

John Seymour I thought the same thing when she was introduced, and for awhile when she was tricked to go back. But when she gave up her son I figured it was either just a narrative flourish or had some basis in the history that Luo was incorporating.

message 3: by Book (new)

Book Wormy | 1840 comments Mod
I get the feeling it was just an narrative accessory as she hasn't used any defensive or attacking skills that I remember.

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