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I'll add to this later, but to begin, my name is Alexandria, I was named after the city in Egypt. Alexandria is famed for its lighthouse, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Fun fact, the lighthouse is completely submerged in water, but The Ministry of State of Antiquities in Egypt has planned to turn it into an underwater museum! My mum and dad are both major history buffs and met there on a vacation, they stayed in touch and are now happily married. It worked out very well considering that Alexandria was a strong and important city representative of the strength they hoped I would have when I grew older. The city was important and successful something they wished for my future. The name itself means protector of humanity which also seemed fitting considering my father is in the military and does just that, protect humanity and he is someone who I have always looked up to for his bravery. This history lesson and explanation is brought to you by my mother's meticulous name planning that began the moment she learnt she was pregnant!

I forgot to mention this when I first wrote this, but feel free to comment on anything!

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Alright, now that I have the topic made I'll write all about me! That sounds very vain... Oh well! This will be the story of my life until now so feel free to read it if you like, I think my life is interesting, but it is kind of all I know so... Yeah...

My full name is Alexandria Camellia Ballan. I was born in the South of France, particularly Les Baux de Provence, a village in Provence. My mother's name is Danièle Evelyn Ballan and my father's name is Kenneth Ballan. Now I must add, I wasn't born alone. I, Alexandria was born on January 1st, 2001 at 12:02 A.M. but on December 31st, 2000 at 11:59 P.M my twin brother Edward Louis Ballan was born. Despite the fact that there is a three-minute gap he is technically a year older than me and he will never let me forget it. For reference, everyone just calls him Teddy.

Now, I'm going to be very honest, I am very proud of my country, France is beautiful, insult it and I will try to defend it regardless of wrong I may be. Growing up there was great, my brother and I loved it and my parents felt it was a perfect environment for their young children to grow up in. From a young age, I have always been very mature in comparison to many of my peers, whilst many people my age had been playing with dolls and the such I would be reading books, my favourite part of the village were the caves, they are a major tourist attraction and for good reason. The caves are full of projectors which are used to project beautiful art shows on all the stone walls and it's truly stunning.

Here is a photo of the caves, I didn't take it, all credit goes to the photographer who did, but from what I read this is the current exhibit:

I had my group of friends, but I must reiterate that it's a village so there were only so many people there. My brother and I spent a lot of our time together, despite the fact that we constantly get on each other's nerves we are very close friends. One thing was quite frustrating to me though, my brother was always good at sports and I sucked. I got tired easily and was never able to exert myself for long periods of time. I had been diagnosed with heart failure, and on top of that, I already had insomnia. Insomnia, for those who don't know, is the inability to sleep, in other words, never complain to me about a lack of sleep unless you have a medical complication that makes sleep physically difficult for you.

I feel that I need another paragraph here just to do a chunk on heart failure so here goes: First, heart failure is not as bad as it sounds, only certain types are fatal and I do not have any of those, thank the heavens. So what it is is that my heart pumps blood slowly rather than at a normal rate. Overexertion can cause a plethora of issues, but it all starts with fatigue which is why I was never good at sports. My particular case isn't that bad, so I'm quite lucky, as long as I don't run around a lot or anything it's barely noticeable so don't ever feel the need to worry about me.

Around the age of six my parents decided that we should move, now I don't know their exact reasoning, but I was six so I could only understand so much. We moved to London, England or as my friends call it, the land of Elizabeth! As you may have noticed I say "mum" rather than "mom" and put the letter "U" in some words. Well, this is why I grew up and did most of my learning in England so a lot of things I write may seem a bit off. At this point, I had given up on athletics and put my focus on just about everything else as compensation. My brother and I picked up on the language, culture and accent rather quickly considering that we were still young. I had taken up the violin and took part in school plays when I could, sparking interests in things I still love to this day.

It also happens that England was where I met two of the best friends I could have ever asked for, Cassidy and Leon! We had our group of friends but the three of us were inseparable. Leon was a big Football (Soccer) buff and Cassidy was a ball of joy and sunshine. I remember that on my first day at school there Cassidy was told to show me around and I was rather shocked when this little girl with bright red hair dragged me around joyously squeaking about every little thing we saw. She and I ate lunch together every day and she'd try to tell me about everything forgetting the fact that I didn't fully understand what she was saying yet. Leon, I met when my mum took Teddy and me to the London Eye, a big Ferris wheel. My mum was trying to make the whole "new country" thing as fun as possible. He was there in line in front of us with his dad crying over a balloon he lost. He and my brother played together and ignored me as much as he could.

Academically I have always done well, exceeding in most aspects. My mum went university on a scholarship so I had a lot to live up to. When I was about ten the school recommended having me take an IQ test so what my mum did was set me up for the MENSA test. Once again, for those who don't know: Mensa is a group for those who's IQ lands within the top 2% and is a highly esteemed organisation. I landed a score of 99% which puts me in the top 1% with an IQ of about 151. This moment was life changing for me. Before this, I felt like I was short of something, my brother was athletic much like my father and as I said earlier my mother wasn't exactly stupid so with this, in my repertoire, I felt accomplished.

When we lived in England every Summer my brother and I would get to visit my grandparents for a month in Chambord France. They live in a beautiful old house, my grandfather was a very active person he loved to do everything he could to be out and about and my grandmother has this beautiful rose garden! Teddy and I loved to visit and just spend time there, something about is special. We couldn't go last year, but I'm hoping that we'll be able to this Summer! I could go on forever about all the fun times there, but honestly, they aren't that interesting, it's really just a whole sense of the family thing. One thing though is that I learnt that my grandmother went to finishing school so I, at the time, finding her to be the most polite person ever took it upon myself to force my parents to let me take etiquette classes when I was eleven so that I could be as classy as her. May I say that it is weird to be an eleven-year-old surrounded by middle-aged men and women learning about manners.

I currently live in Canada, I've lived here for three years and my accent won't seem to go away, but my brother's has almost vanished completely. I'm also an avid tea drinker so don't even get me started on the different types of earl grey tea. I continue to take part in advanced classes and I have my own group of friends here as well. My brother now has a pet scorpion that I want to kill, so I convinced my mum and dad to get me a savannah cat so that I could counter him. Her name is Rey and she is positively massive. She could actually eat a small child.

I'm not quite sure what else to say here for now so if I think of anything I'll add it later.

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Now that I'm done with all that stuff up there now for the random things! I absolutely adore both Hamilton and Heathers, I listen to Heathers music at home and Hamilton when I'm out and about. It's weird when your parents walk in on you listening to Dead Girl Walking, but oh well!

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Now it's time to list some of my interests so this one may actually be slightly relevant to something, I don't know!

I'm a really big theatre buff, I love going to watch plays and musicals. I could probably recite every line from both Hamilton and Heathers. I've always enjoyed the classics as well, I remember seeing Macbeth when I was nine with my dad. I also take part in school performances and the such for fun, but I don't intend on becoming an actress or anything.

I adore music, I don't like all music (Screamo and hardcore death metal exist), but I do like most of it. Personally, I'm a classical musician, but I like just about anything I listen to, but I am picky about quality, so if it's generally a meaningless song chances are that I won't like it unless it has a certain context or it's just for humour. One song I've really been liking recently has been Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran, the story behind is so sweet and reminds me a bit of my own grandparents.

Tea is my lifeblood, it keeps me functional through the day, if I didn't have tea I'd probably be a complete and utter mess. My favourite is a vanilla earl grey that we import from England it has the royal warrant of appointment which basically mean the royal family of England trusts the brand and has used it themselves for a notable period of time. It's absolutely fantastic, but of course, I do enjoy the odd lavender tea in the evening, sometimes it helps me sleep.

Connecting to the last thing I love lavender, everything I own smells like lavender and vanilla. There is this novelty lavender shop not far from where I live and so I get tonnes of things from there including soap, hand lotion, face wash, perfumes and more. I also eat lavender macarons every now and then and I have lavender vanilla air fresheners everywhere because it's so soothing. I even have lavender growing outside my house, but it's been hidden by my mum's roses.

I love anything sweet or baked. This one is pretty simple, candies, chocolates, bread, pastries and all that are more than enough reason to live in my opinion.

I like history, much like my parents do. My interest is focused in both ancient times and the victorian era in particular, but I do love to learn about other parts as well. Sadly most people get confused when I say certain things so if you do like history please tell me, I need someone to go all history nerd with. As one might imagine I've done a lot of research on the ancient city of Alexandria so if you ever want to hear all about it just ask! Again this is me trying to find a way to rant about history.

I like animals, if you don't, well, you can not talk to me or just avoid the topic, because I don't trust anyone who doesn't like any form of animal in any way.

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Yay! I'm sick today! I've been up since midnight so I'll probably fall asleep at random times throughout the day, but maybe not, either way, I'll find something to write about!

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Here's a story I wrote a long while back! I'll post it in parts, there's still more left.

P.O.V Arthur Tiberius Lyons

I sit in front of my stone fireplace, the warm light flickers across the large room. I sip my earl grey tea- a personal favourite, whilst I ponder the bizarre occurrences of the past week. “Petty thieveries by some, master criminal…” I think to myself. “This person has proven to be impossible to catch, most likely talented enough to steal all of the Queens abundant riches from right under her nose, but if so why wouldn’t they?” I ask myself mentally, but alas, no answer comes to mind. “The only things missing are food, assorted herbs, cheap jewellery, make-up, a pestle & Mortar, a simple sewing kit and a unique rope bound burlap satchel.” I think to myself.

“The thief has also done something… unexpected, it is quite perplexing, but a note was left at the scene of each crime.” this particular thought makes me feel uneasy, All the notes are all in stunningly neat handwriting, saying “My every action is necessary, done to heal, I swear on the name of my father that if I am caught I shall confess, but as that will never happen I won’t. I bid thee good day!”

I am snapped out of my thoughts when a loud knocking arises from the door. I cautiously set down my tea, careful not to spill any then pull myself up out of the chair using the arm as support. I amble to the door, slowly swinging it open revealing two of the castle’s imperial guards standing at attention. “Hello, would you like to come in gentlemen?” I ask courteously, though inside I am hoping that they refuse my offer. “That will not be necessary sir.” the one to my left states emotionlessly. A wave of relief washes over me when he says that. As if the other one’s words were his cue the other one begins to speak, “Detective Arthur Lyons, we bear an urgent letter from her royal majesty the queen.” He then reaches into his coat pocket fishing out the envelope. It is sealed by a wax copy of the castle’s coat of arms. I hesitate then reluctantly grab the letter from him and peel off the red wax seal. I pull out the crisp, white sheet, lift it to my face and begin to read.

“The Queen would like you to come to the castle throne room at noon tomorrow.” speaks the guard to the left. “I see…” I mutter to myself quietly as the guards stare at me expressionless. “You may leave now, thank you…” I tell them blandly. The two men turn and head back towards the palace. Once they were out of sight, I slam the door shut and lean, my back against it. I slide down the cold, hard, wood onto the ground defeated, “First an uncatchable thief…” I utter “And now... a murder!”

Now, this is no ordinary murder, oh no, it is the murder of the esteemed Lord Marcus Aurelius Trancy, seventh in line to the throne. “How am I supposed to solve this, I have only ever done low profile cases nothing like this, this is of a whole new magnitude!” I exclaim, whilst restraining a full out shout. I let out a deep breath and head back to my seat, carefully retrieving my tea from the small table beside me. I gulp down a mouthful of tea hoping to take my mind off my work.

After about an hour I decide to head off to bed as my eyes are becoming quite heavy. I wake up nine hours later, though I did not feel rested, I was plagued by nightmares the entire night, I had always hoped I would never be assigned a murder case, the idea of having an enemy who can sneak past royal guards and kill you makes me feel insecure. the only thing is I can’t refuse a case from the Queen.

My stomach begins to grumble, so I throw some breakfast together and put on a pot of earl grey tea. I am about halfway done my meal when the tea is finally finished. I sip the tea wishing that it would wash away my fear. I finish and get myself dressed in my nicest outfit as today is the day I meet the Queen. “The Queen,” I say awestruck, and for good reason, the Queen has power over everything I do and everything I know. She is the most important person for miles around.

Putting on a straight face I go to the hall and make my way to the door. I place my hand on the brass doorknob, letting it linger before twisting it and opening the door. I walk out closing it behind me Leaving my house I can see all the townsfolk, some of them are just running around from place to place, whilst others are spreading all the latest gossip. I walk through the town, my feet tapping on the cobbled streets until I hear two women chatting about something that catches my interest.

As I walk towards them they look directly at me, “Good afternoon ladies!” I exclaim. “Good afternoon to you too sir.” says one of them dismissively. “I overheard your conversation and would be overjoyed if you told me what it is you are talking about!” I explain to them, my voice filled with curiosity. “Sure… You see, my friend lives near the Trancy manor and she- In the evening yesterday, heard the guards yelling that the Lord Marcus Aurelius Trancy was killed.” the taller woman says. “I think it was someone sent from another kingdom to assassinate our dear Lord Trancy.” She continues. “As if, chances are it was his cousin, the Earl Parker trying to get himself closer to the throne.” the second woman hisses at her friend. “Thank you, but I must be on my way,” I inform them awkwardly causing them both to stop for a moment and wave. Once I am gone the two begin to argue again.

While I continue to walk I see a group of children playing with a ball. One of them is running with it as the others chase him around in a futile attempt to swat the ball away from the boy who is obviously faster than them. I stop and watch them for a moment. All of the sudden I hear one of them shout, “Hurry up Royce!” I look around until I see one young boy who is sluggishly following behind the others. He is sickly pale, but I can’t help him, I can only just afford to pay for myself, I can’t spare any money to assist the poor boy.

Finally, I reach the castle gates, the gates alone are as tall as my house! One guard stands at attention right in front of the gates. I amble up to the gates until the guard stops me by yelling, “HALT!” I freeze where I am waiting for him to continue. “What are you name and business?” he asks in an authoritative tone. “I am Detective Arthur Tiberius Lyons, I was ordered to the castle by the Queen, inside,” I tell him as I pull out the letter showing that I have permission to enter. “Very well, you may pass” he responds. A few men work together to push the ornate gates open letting me through. I walk up to the castle and can see some of the insides. The walls bear red silk banners and a large crystal chandelier. The castle is, without a doubt gorgeous.

As soon as I enter I notice the, most important person in the kingdom, the Queen. She wears a large decorative dress with various bows and fabrics, but most impressive is the crown. Forged out of pure gold embedded with countless gems outlined in silver. “Detective Arthur Lyons, am I correct?” she asks me. “Yes, I understand you have a case for me,” I answer politely. “Of course, my nephew, Marcus Trancy has passed away and we have reason to believe he was murdered.” She informs me. “What makes you so sure that he was killed?” I ask somewhat rudely. “Watch your tone with me peasant!” she hisses. I realise that I made a big mistake. “I apologise M’lady…” I murmur. “Thank you, now, I would like you to investigate,” she tells me still somewhat annoyed. “And to answer your question he was happy and healthy so it was neither sickness or suicide, now g,” she orders me quickly. “Good bye your Highness,” I say with a bow.

At about 6:20 p.m. I go to the Trancy manor. Two guards block the entrance to the grand building. I walk confidently up to the manor until the guards thrust their spears at me yelling, “Stay back!” in perfect unison. “None shall pass without the permission of Lady Trancy!” they hiss. “What is this ruckus about?” a soothing voice asks as the door opens, letting a warm, light fill the black night. “This scum is trying to get into the manor!” the shorter one on the right says shouts to her. “I am the Inspector sent to investigate the death of Lord Marcus Trancy.” I inform her nervously as I have two spears right in my face. “Oh! Let him in you buffoons, learn some manners!” she scolds them, “It is polite to not shove spears in strangers’ faces.”

After a while of her scolding the two, they lead me in with a grunt. “Hello Detective, I am Lady Louise Leanne Trancy, Wife of the now late Lord Marcus Trancy…” She tells me with a solemn tone. “I will do my best to bring your husband’s murderer to justice.” I explain to her. “Thank you..” she replies. “Shall I take you to his body Detective?” she asks me. “Yes, of course.” I respond. She brings me down a long hall lined with portraits of all the previous owners of the manor all the way up to the most recent. Finally, we reach the room where his body lays lifeless on the cold stone floors. The room appears to be a large kitchen full of assorted foods, drinks and spices. I look around to see if I can find any clues. I feel a cool breeze hit my cheek indicating that there is an open window somewhere.

I spot the window, it’s just above a small bit of empty counter space. “Has this window been open the entire time?” I ask. “Yes ever since it was opened a week ago.” answers a member of the staff. I think about the possibility of the killer getting in through the open window, but quickly rule it out as it is too small for any man or woman to fit through. The hall to the left is a direct entrance but is too heavily guarded for anyone to sneak passed, leaving the hall I entered from as the culprit’s point of entry. “When did the murder occur?” I ask. “About this time- 6:30, two days ago.” answers the Lady Trancy. I kneel down to his limp body checking for anything odd. His clothes are neat and tidy except for his neck-tie which is off to the right a, smidge, most likely from when hitting the ground. His hair is a bit of a mess of curls, but that is not really unusual for Marcus Trancy, I guess you could call it his trademark. I found no wounds or even any signs of struggle implying he was either poisoned or choke and the red marks just faded from his corpse. I share my findings with the group.

Many gasped others looked down. The Lady Louise Trancy had tears glide down her pale skin, her golden locks falling in front of her face. She covers her mouth in an attempt to muffle her sobs. She is truly stunning, it’s no wonder others are jealous of her beauty, the Lord Marcus Trancy and she were the kingdom’s favourite Lord and Lady. “What a shame…” sighs a maid with a slight smile, but a genuinely sad look in her eyes as she looks at his expressionless face.

“As of tomorrow, I will begin questioning those who were present at the time of the murder.” I shout, making sure they can all hear me. “I will leave in a moment, you are all dismissed!” I tell them. They all leave except the maid from earlier. I leave the kitchen and am almost run into by two adorable, small children who, judging by their appearance are Oliver and Catherine Trancy, Louise and Marcus Trancy’s children. “They look just like their parents.” I think I as I exit the manor.

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P.O.V. Lady Louise Leanne Trancy

I walk into the main hall after the detective dismisses us all and see my son and daughter running joyfully through the halls which brightens my day. The Detective emerges from the hall and almost gets hit by them as he exits. “What are you two playing?” I ask them curiously masking my grief behind a smile. “We are trying to see who can run in circles the most, doesn’t that sound fun mummy?” answers my son Oliver cheerfully. “Do you want to play too mummy?” my daughter Catherine questions me thoughtfully.

I have not told them about Marcus yet… The kitchen has been off limits and I am not sure I will ever be able to work up the courage to do so any time soon.Telling them would crush them, I can’t do that to my sweet children, they are only 5 years, I refuse to put this much weight on their shoulders now “Of course I would darling!” I respond to her. They both start to run in circles and I join in, all of us begin laughing and stop to catch our breaths. The two of them are my paradise during times like this and right now they are the only things holding my life together. “I think I won,” Catherine speaks up in a proud tone “don’t you agree mummy?”She continues. Oliver's brow furrows “Liar!” he grumbles “ I won I did the most circles!” he says trying to defend his point. The two continue to bicker until the head of staff comes “Bedtime kiddies” he informs them in a matter-of-a-fact tone. “okay…” the two say to him. The three begin to walk up the stairs and my little munchkins both shout “Goodnight mummy!” from the top of the stairs. “Good night my dears they turn around and I smile… “No matter what I will protect them from whoever it is that plagues this home with grief…” I whisper to myself.

The maid, Melanie Annafellows finally walks out of the kitchen. Something about that woman is a little off… I am kind to everyone I meet and genuinely care about them, but when it comes to her I have to push myself to be kind. I decide to call it a night and head toward a spare bedchamber, I can’t bring myself to sleep in the same bed as we used to… Too many memories. I reach the room, it is quite simple a couple abstract paintings hung on the large walls, a large bed with a canopy and a good size mahogany closet filled with my outfits. I change into a simple white nightgown and slip into my new bed with a quiet sigh. I stretch out my neck and blow out the candle that is flickering on the night stand. I curl into a ball and try hard to forget the previous events, but can not achieve my hopes…

I wake up in the morning, I had no dreams, it was an endless eternity of midnight black, a void of nothingness… I would have prefered a nightmare to tell the truth, at least there would be something, The lack of something makes me feel alone, abandoned… I rise out of my bed with a yawn and leave the somewhat bare room and go into the kitchen. Due to Marcus passing on the queen has relieved me of any and all royal duties for the time being so I have been passing time by cooking meals, I am not quite the best chef, but I can handle most basic meals. My husband’s body is covered by a white silken sheet by my order as seeing his lifeless body breaks my heart. It takes a while, but I put together a nice meal for my children and I.

I leave the kitchen and head upstairs to wake up Oliver and Catherine. “Hello, Jonathan!” I say with a wave to the head guard who I have positioned a short distance from Oliver and Catherine’s rooms. “G’day lady Trancy, beautiful morning isn’t it?” he asks me. “Yes it really is!” I respond happily with a glance out the window. “Well, I am going to wake up the little ones goodbye for now.” I tell him as open the first door which happens to be Catherines and I sneak up to her bed shaking her awake “Aaahhhhh!” she screams when she wakes up “sorry” I apologise with a laugh at her reaction. “It’s okay mummy.” she tells me forgivingly. “How about I let you wake up your brother as an apology?” I ask her. “Yeah!” she answers loudly. “ Okay let’s go to his room and wake him up.” I tell her. Once we reach his door she slowly opens it up and tip-toes to his bed climbing on, takes one step to get to the center and… Jumps up and down yelling “Wake up Olly!” ,he shifts slightly and makes a strange sound I would describe as a “BLARRRGGGGGITHHHHYYYYYY!”

“Oliver would you like to come downstairs for some breakfast?” I ask him ,a loaded question really. “Yay, breakfast!” he exclaims quickly getting up. We all head downstairs together and I bring them into the dining room the long way around to avoid the kitchen. I seat the two of them and then go back into the kitchen. I am about to pick up their plates when I notice a dirty,brown, ripped dishcloth sitting in the window so I toss it out and then continue bringing out breakfast for us all. After breakfast I tell them to go play with all the staff members as I have something important to attend to. They obey as usual and head towards the head of staff. I go back to my chamber letting out the tears that I had been holding back, “Whatever could I have done to deserve this fate?” I ask myself

P.O.V. Detective Arthur Tiberius Lyons

I walk up to the manor and the guards allow me in- a nice change compared to last time. I knock on the door whilst I make sure I know what to do mentally so I do not make a fool of myself. The maid from yesterday opens the door and let’s me in. “Gather everyone else please.” I instruct her forgetting all formalities. Everyone gathers in the front room except the two children. “As you know I will be interviewing people today in attempt to rule out some of you as the killer.” I explain to them. “I will start with the maid over there,”I say pointing to the woman who let me in and was smiling during my investigation yesterday. “follow me, the rest of you may go.”

I bring her to my house where I have my main room set up as an office so that I can begin the interrogating. “What, may ask is your name?” I ask her. “My name is Melanie Annafellows, I am a maid at the manor as you know.” she answers smoothly. “Could you describe your relationship with the Lord Marcus Trancy for me Ms.Annafellows?” I ask, but she really has no choice whether or not she answers. “Well, we were good friends as children, he would always sneak out of the manor when no one was paying attention, and play with other kids in the streets…” she pauses. “I always played with him and after a while I fell in love with him, but never confessed to him.” She continues. “When he took over the manor I had no occupation so he offered me a position as a maid in the manor and I gladly accepted it as I would be able be close to him…” once again she pauses. “Later in life he met the lovely Lady Louise Leanne Landers and they got married giving me no chance to ever tell him my feelings…” she finishes and then chuckles “ I would do anything to be with him and now as I tend to the graves of the previous owners of the manor that are behind the manor I guess my wish has come true...” she says to me, but it does not seem like she was actually speaking to me.

Everything this woman says gives me chills, she is deadly calm and her features always have a slight smile gracing her dark skin and her blue eyes hold an insincere look and her platinum hair perfectly framing this beautiful yet terrifying face. “Yes… And where were you at the time of the murder?” I ask her nervously. It’s funny that I am nervous when she is the one being questioned. “I was in the dining room dusting the tables, simply doing my job.” she responds confidently. “ I see, well, let’s head back to the manor…” I tell her as I have all the information I need and also because her presence is making me uncomfortable.

We reach the manor and I call up the next person, “Lady Louise Trancy come with me please.” I tell her. She walks up silently and walks right past me towards the end of the town where I live. How she knows where I live is also a mystery. We both enter and take a seat near the warm fire. “Lady Trancy what were you doing at the time of the murder?” I ask her. “I was upstairs putting Oliver and Catherine to bed.” she responds. I can tell she is hiding tears behind a mask of confidence, this confidence is just a facade. “Have you had any... issues with Marcus recently?” I ask her calmly. “Well we had little fight, but I would never go that far if that is what you’re getting at Detective.” she replies in an offended tone. “Of course not, now do you have any ideas on why someone might try to kill him?” I ask curiously. “No I can’t really think of anything, but then again in my eyes he…” she begins to weep. “He was perfect to me…” She finishes. I hand her a handkerchief and she weakly reaches out to grab it and wipes her face dry. “Would you like to go back now?” I ask her uncomfortably. She nods gets up and leaves. We reach the manor and she instantly darts down the hall nearest.

“You, over there” I exclaim, the guard looks over at me. “You come with me for an interrogation now.” I tell him. I walk out and he follows in suit. We enter my house and both take a seat. He looks directly into the fire. “Name and occupation sir?” I ask him. “I am Jonathan Layton, head guard of the manor.” he says still staring at the fire. “What was your relationship with the Lord Trancy?” I ask him. “hm, I never really liked him he was a bit spoiled and to be honest he was somewhat annoying.” he stated his eyes never leaving the fire. “He didn’t pay me much I explained to him that I need more money and he gave me nothing, my family and I live off of very little since we have to pay for my son’s medicine, he is extremely ill.” he continues his gaze never moving. “My Wife can only do so much to help him…” he says obviously not finished. “If Marcus were more understanding my son could be cured by now for all I know, but I guess I will continue to live my life depressed with a dying child who would do anything to make me happy and I can’t do the same for him because he was too vain to spare some of his abundant money!” he shouted looking me right in the eyes. “What do you think about his death?” I question him. “The jerk got what he deserved…”he snickered. “I see… and where were you during the murder?” I was just using the outhouse, I had been guarding the hall with all the portraits of the Trancy family. “Well you are dismissed, but could you tell the head of staff to come next?” I request. “sure.” he grunts in response. I did that for two reasons, my legs hurt from going back and forth and I did not want to be near an angry man wielding a spear.

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The head of staff arrived, he is an older man, wearing a tidy suit and he seems to have an air of wisdom to him. “Hello, what is your name?” I ask him politely keeping in mind that you must always respect your elders. “My name is Charles Theodore Whitehouse, head of staff at the Trancy manor employed by Marcus’ father, the late Albert Trancy.” He states in an all knowing way. “What can you tell me about the manor?” I ask him testing him. “I can tell you anything about the manor and it’s history, nothing happens without me hearing about it.” He answers. “ Why is it that someone was able to slip past all the guards and get to the Lord Trancy, hm?” I ask him putting his knowledge to use. “Well, the guards shift stations every hour to hour and a half and it just so happens they had been shifting around the time of the murder and from what I know the guard who was guarding the manor memory hall- the one with all the portraits, happened to be using the outhouse at the time of the shift leaving a gap in which the culprit could murder Marcus and escape just in time for the guard to return.” he says as if it is common knowledge. I stare at him flabbergasted, how is it that he knows better than I do? I look him in the eyes and suddenly understand how. Merely by looking him in the eyes I can tell how intelligent, wise and experienced he is, this is not the first time something like this has happened to him. “If that is all you would like to know I should go and return to my duties young man, I do have work to do.” he informs me. “Tell me where everyone was at the time of the murder.” I tell him. “I see, you are on the right track now…” he says a smile gracing his features.

After a long day I finish all the interviews, the first few were helpful the others were all lackluster and not very helpful. All the help I got from them was that the one who found him dead is pretty sure he heard the words “sorry, but I had to” come from the kitchen.The head of staff confirmed the locations of all the people in the manor, some more general and some exact. I can already tell that this is going to be a stressful case. I contemplate my next actions until I am interrupted my tea pot going being fully boiled. I get up and pour out some earl grey tea into my finest china. Hopefully this will calm me and perhaps assist my thinking process some. For all I know my life’s in danger now because the murderer does not want to get caught so they are just going to eliminate me so that there is no one to catch them!

I have narrowed the possibilities down to two for now, Melanie Annafellows and Jonathan Layton. I still have yet to question earl Parker as those to ladies mentioned a while back. Jonathan has a logical motive and is definitely the strong enough to suffocate a person meanwhile Melanie has a powerful, but disturbing motive and would most likely have to use poison judging by her physique. Earl Parker is also a prime suspect since he would need to take out the Trancy family to get to the throne. I decide to take a short rest I drink my delicious tea.

P.O.V. Louise Leanne Trancy

Tomorrow I will be heading into town with the Detective and some guards for some fresh air, the Detective and guards are there in case someone decides to target me next. To tell the truth I would be fine with them killing me as long as my children are guaranteed safety. I can’t believe that Marcus is gone, but I must remain strong as I have to make sure this family stays together. “Mummy, can I have a treat?”asks Oliver dragging me out of my deep thought. “Of course, ask Mr.Whitehouse to get you a cookie from the kitchen.” I tell him blandly. He runs away to go find Mr.Whitehouse. Tonight they take Marcus’ body out back to the small burial ground where the rest of his family is buried so that he may rest peacefully.
I stand up straighten out my clothes and decide to go search for Catherine who seems to be hiding somewhere. Most likely under her bed waiting to see when someone will find her. I head upstairs and walk towards her room quietly so that she doesn’t notice. I open her door with a slight creak allowing the bright light to pierce the darkness. I hear a little giggle coming from near her bed confirming my suspicions. I amble over to her bed and crouch down so I can see her. She is giggling, her smiling face covered in jam. “She must have taken the jam and hid here while she ate it” I think to myself. “Get out from under the bed so we can wash your face Catherine.” I tell her in a patronizing tone. “Are you angry I ate the jam?” she asks, her smile now gone. “How could I be, mad we can just buy some more” I answer. It is true, being a noble family with access to both the Trancy and Landers wealth we are more than capable of buying all the towns jam. I bring her downstairs and rinse off her face, “The daughter of a noble can’t look messy now can she?”I ask her with an absent minded sigh. “No she can’t mummy!” she agrees cheerfully. Once she is all clean all I can do is busy work to keep me distracted until later today when I get to go out into town.

P.O.V. Detective Arthur Tiberius Lyons

I head over to the home of Earl Parker, the Lord Trancy’s older cousin. His house is nice, it does not compare to the Trancy manor, but it is still far superior to my own. The guards let me pass as I was in contact with Earl Parker prior to this interrogation,learnt that it is a clever thing to do so that you do not get killed. I knock on the door as hard as I can, trying to imitate the knock the imperial guards used when they delivered the letter about this case to me. The Earl Parker opens the door, his face with a sour expression. “Earl Parker, as you know you are a suspect in the case of Lord Trancy’s death, I require that you undergo an interrogation.” I tell him. “Of course you do…” he answers snootily. “In here” he says as he walks me into a dimly lit room. A bit of an ominous aura to it. Don’t know why someone would have a room like this, it’s a bit disturbing to say the least.

“Take a seat inspector.” he tells me in a tone I have only heard from the owner of the morgue. Now I understand what it is like to investigate a murder case, this room personified the mental state you are in whilst solving this type of case. All the floors and walls are cold, grey stone. Cobwebs hang overhead… It is almost as if it were once a dungeon. “You, Earl Parker have always hated your cousin as he would get to the throne first making you a prime suspect in the case of his murder.” I tell him. “so you think I murdered him to get closer to the throne?” he asks me dismissively. “It seems to be very possible.” I answer. “If that were true I would have to kill Lady Louise and their two children who, as everyone knows I adore, besides I would have to kill my other cousins who live in the impenetrable castle if it were to get the throne.” He says as if it is something everybody says on a daily basis. “I guess so…” I respond. No one can deny that he loves the two children dearly which makes it impossible to say it was him, even if it was no one would believe it if he reminded everyone of that and like he said he could never kill the Prince and Princess while they still live in the castle. “Get out.” I hear. I look up to see the earl with a scowl on his face. “You enter my property and accuse me of murdering my own family and then go silent, have you no manners, go!” he shouts I get up and scramble to the door and quickly scuttle out of the house.

I head over to the Trancy manor as my next duties are there. I reach the door and am greeted by Charles, the head of staff. “Good afternoon Charles!” I exclaim. “Good afternoon sir.” He responds un-interested. I walk upstairs to where the Lady Trancy is supposed to be right now so that I would not have to look for her in the manor. “Ah there you are!” I hear on my right. I turn to see Lady Louise standing next to me smiling widely.

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P.O.V. Lady Louise Leanne Trancy

I smile at the detective. I finally get to go outside, I have been kept inside for my own safety ever since Marcus died. “Shall we go?” I ask him politely. “Of course” he replies. The two of us leave and two guards trail behind. We walk down the streets browsing through various stores and taking in the scenery. I get greetings from lots of the townsfolk and condolence from others. As we walk a little boy walks up to me. He is sickly and pale, his clothes look like they are made of a bunch of dishrags sewn together, but one patch seems to be missing. He holds out a unique looking little bag and speaks up weakly “Can you spare me a bit of change?” he looks straight down “Of cou-” I begin, but am interrupted by Detective Arthur. “Can I see your pouch young man?” he asks in a sweet voice. The boy nods and hands him the pouch. “So you are the one who has been stealing things and just could not be caught!” he exclaims. “what are you talking about Arthur?” I ask him confused. “I was assigned another case, a thievery case, the culprit apparently impossible to catch,” he said clearly not finished. “I asked the store owner to keep me posted on all sales on the stolen objects.” he continued. “This satchel was just brought in at the time of the crime and none have been bought since ” he answered. “They are unique so they can’t be found anywhere else, but there, meaning that is the one you stole,” he adds proudly. “Well he is too young to be imprisoned, now give back the satchel,” I tell him as I hand the child a bunch of money. “Here this should pay for everything you took and a lot of extras to,” I whisper to him. “Follow me!” he whispers back I begin to walk with him, but he stops and looks up at the detective and guards. “we have to bring him to his parents M’lady.” the detective says monotonously. “Well just wait here for a moment you can do that after,” I reply. He sighs and the little boy starts to walk again and I follow behind him.

He brings me into a house which I assume is his and he goes to the shelf. He takes some bread off the shelf and does something with it. I do not give it another thought and wait for him. He hands me the bread, “Thank you for the money!” he tells me. “The bread is a thank you gift, do you lik-” he tries to speak, but bursts into a cough. “like it?” he finishes weakly. “ I love it!” I answer kindly. The two of us walk back to the others so that he can be taken back to one of his parents. We get back to them and Arthur asks “Can you show us where one of your parents are young man?”, the little boy nods and leads us to where one of his parents are. After a while I think “This is the way to the manor…” The fact that he is leading us to the manor has me perplexed.

He walks us all the way to the manor, through the door and up the stairs. He stops next to the head guard and tugs on his pant leg. “Wha-” he begins, but stops when he looks down. “Why are you here Royce?” Jonathan asks who I imagine is his son. “Your son has committed the crime of thievery.” answers the detective. “Is that so?” he asks his son. “Yes…” he replies to his father. “I will forgive you this time, now could you go home and help your mother?” Jonathan asks him in a somewhat disappointed tone. “Okay, as long as it makes you happy!” Royce says cheerfully. “Try to be in bed before 6:30 today, no coming home late like you did four days ago okay?” he tells his son. “Okay daddy!” he responds. Once he is gone the detective lashes out at Jonathan, “How could you let him go without any punishment!”, Jonathan stares Arthur in the eyes. “He stole tonnes of things and was almost impossible to catch and you just let him go!” he shouts. “He has always listened, I am going to give him the benefit of a doubt and guess that it will never happen again,” he told the Detective. “He is my son and you have no right to tell me how to parent him!” his voice growing louder. “I guess you are right…” Arthur responds defeated.

Once everyone is gone I decide to eat the bread the little boy, Royce I guess I should say now that I know his name, gave me. I finish the bread and get up looking to do something for the short period of time I have until I go to sleep. I walk around the manor, I decided I would talk to the first person I bump into. I enter the library and hear someone humming. I look around trying to find them and the sound leads me to a bookshelf. I walk around to find one of the maids… Melanie Annafellows, but I guess I did say the first person. I look closer and she seems to be shining a sword that had been hanging on the wall. I walk up and prepare to begin a conversation with her… It takes me a moment, but I finally work up the will to talk to her. “Hello Melanie, how are you?” I ask my voice laced with false concern. “I am fine Mrs.Trancy,” she replies without looking away from the sword. Her face has that same look as it always does. Her eyes hold a depressed and sadistic look and her lips in a slight grin. Speaking to her gives me the chills. “What are you doing Melanie?” I ask her truly curious. “Simply the job I was given, not for you though…” she answers calmly. “Okay… How’s your family doing?” I ask her as a last resort. “Same as me, as I am the only living member of my family left on the face of the planet,” she responds her expression not faltering.

I gave up on talking to her and find Charles. I would play with my children, but they are in bed as of now. “Hello, how are you Charles?” I ask him genuinely caring. “I am doing superbly, thank you for asking, and you M’lady?” he asks me. “I am doing fine.” I answer. “What are you doing?” I ask politely. “I am making sure we enough food to last through the week.” he responds. “What would we do without you Charles?” I ask him jokingly. “Nothing you wouldn’t know how.” he states blatantly. We both go quiet and then burst into laughter. We continue to chat until I become tired. I head to bed after I change into my nightgown.

I see my own body lying on my bed. I think to myself “ I am merely dreaming and this is where I wake up and everything turns out fine.” I wait and nothing happens and that is when I realise… I am dead! “How could this have happened!” I think to myself. I go back to the events of the previous day. “The only difference between yesterday and a regular day was… The boy! He was a criminal! He poisoned the bread!” I scream as I knew no one would be awakened since only I can hear myself… Well, Death and I can hear my voice. “That boy poisoned the bread, that is what he was doing, I thought he was just fumbling with it!” I shout. That is when I realised who murdered my husband. “He… he would do anything for his father… His father hated Marcus… His clothes looked like they were made of dishrags… I found a dirty dishrag in the window sill… The window sill was declared too small for a man or woman to fit through, but a boy is not a man.” My mind slowly begins to put the clues together. “Marcus was suffocated by that boy, that is why the only thing out of place was his neck-tie and the boy could over power Marcus because Marcus had passed out, making his movements sluggish!” I think to myself. “Marcus said he was exhausted and went to the kitchen to sit alone for a minute.” I think, still not finished. “Royce was told to be in bed before 6:30 unlike four days previous when he was late, 6:30, four days ago was the time of the murder!” I finish my train of thought.

“My children… My children!” I scream. “No, no, no, no, No, No, No, NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I yell at the top of my lungs. My children, my pride and joy have no mother or father and it won’t be long ‘till they discover what happened. “How could a human being do this to someone else?” I ask myself. Only one good thing can come from this… I can see my dear husband again. I decided I might as well look around while I await the arrival of death. I walk towards the nightstand and find a note and a small phial filled with some sort of pale orange liquid. I read the note: I am the one who killed Marcus, we had a fight and I just could not take it so I choked him to death and made it look like someone else commit the crime. The grief caused by my actions was driving me insane, I could not take another minute of it so I drank a sip of this poison and did away with myself so that I could perhaps be rejoined with my dear husband, yours truly Louise Leanne Trancy. The note ended there. How he knew we had a fight I will never know. “Why…?” I ask myself curious as to why he would make it look like I killed Marcus. I realise that there is a second note placed next to it. I read it: I leave the manor, all its items and money to Jonathan Layton, I realise the grief we have caused him wish to apologise in some way.

“I understand” I say quietly. He planned to hand the property and money over to his father. I leave this room and go to the rooms of Catherine and Oliver. “Please be safe my sweet daughter…” I whisper to her. I crouch down to get one last look at her face. I now go to Oliver’s room to see him. “Olly… Stay out of trouble for me…” I whisper to him. I take my final look at him and ask, “What would make someone do this…?”, a cold presence enters the room. “I know…” replies a deep raspy voice. I stiffen up. “A father’s love.’”I turn to see a flash of black and silver.

“Good Bye…”

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P.O.V. Detective Arthur Tiberius Lyons

I was sleeping until a knock came at the door I get up groggily. I leave my room and amble to the door. I swing it open revealing a guard from the manor. “We need your help at the manor, please come as soon as soon as possible, it’s an emergency!” he tells me nervously. “Alright head back to the manor tell them on am on my way, then put on a pot of earl grey tea.” I respond. “Okay…” he mutters and rushes out the door. Judging by the sun the morning has only just begun. I get myself dressed in an outfit that a pig could have chosen. I rush out to the Trancy manor.

I reach the entrance which is currently unguarded. I enter and find the nearest staff member which happens to be Ms. Annafellows, “Where is the emergency?” I nearly shout at her. “Oh... That, follow me.” she replies calmly. She almost drifts down the long halls and through various rooms. we reach a big crowd that is stuffed into one doorway. “Here we are.” she tells me and leaves. “Out of the way!” I shout at the crowd causing them to separate. I walk in and see Lady Louise laying on her bed… Dead. “Who did this!” I yell. No one speaks up right away. “look on the nightstand.” responds Charles. I look and see a vial and two notes I red them:I am the one who killed Marcus, we had a fight and I just could not take it so I choked him to death and made it look like someone else commit the crime. The grief caused by my actions was driving me insane, I could not take another minute of it so I drank a sip of this poison and did away with myself so that I could perhaps be rejoined with my dear husband, yours truly Louise Leanne Trancy. I leave manor, all its items and money to Jonathan Layton, I realise the grief we have caused him wish to apologise in some way.
I look up at the head guard “For now the manor is yours.” I tell him slightly dumbfounded

“We have a confession ladies and gentlemen.” I state loudly so that they can all hear. “I will be doing one last round of questioning to be sure that this is truly how it went down.” I inform them all. chatter arises from the guards and staff. Many asking how this could have happened or if this is even real.These events are truly shocking. I can’t fully grasp the idea of this happening. “Someone go get my tea for me please.” I say loudly as I begin to mentally prepare myself for the interviewing. Finally I get my morning tea and can think straight. “The person who was most benefitted by this was the head guard, I will have to speak to him last so that I can make sure I don’t rush through with him.” I think to myself as I sip my earl grey tea.

I finish all the interviews except one, everyone said that what the notes said is possible, she can be very hot-headed at times and this is a result of that. I call on the new head of house for the last interview. He walks in, a solemn expression on his face. Once he seats himself I tell him,my voice laced with confidence “I know you did it.”, I was bluffing of course, but if he thinks I know, he might freak out and give himself away. “I did not kill them, I only had an issue with the Lord Trancy I would never harm Lady Louise.” he replies calmly with a look of deep sadness in his eyes. I can tell he isn’t lying just by looking him in the eyes. “Who did then?” I ask him curious as to what his answer is. “I believe the notes, she killed herself.” he answers. “ I see, you may go.” I tell him dismissively.

“I will announce who the killer is tomorrow” I tell everyone once I get out of the room. All of the sudden Oliver and Catherine run down the stairs. I walk up to Charles, “Take them to their closest relative.” I tell him. He nods and heads off after them. I exit the manor and head home. I eat a dinner of beef and potatoes and get ready for bed early seeing as I woke up early this morning I need extra sleep. Tomorrow I reveal the criminal and report to the Queen.

I stand in the center of the ring of staff and and guards at the Trancy manor. “I am here to inform you that Marcus and Louise Trancy were killed by Louise Trancy herself.” I say loud enough for them all to hear. “I know that this may seem surprising, but it is the truth, all the clues add up.” I tell them. “She choked him in the kitchen, and no one would expect his loving wife to kill him so she was never suspicious when she left the kitchen and the grief got to her over time and she killed herself.” I explain to them all.

I gave them a few minutes to grasp the idea until the head of house ran downstairs clutching his son’s wrist tightly. He looks traumatized. “It was not the Lady Trancy… It was my son!” he shouts at us all. “He thought that this would make me happy, so he killed them…” he said clearly not finished. “He choked Lord Trancy when he had passed out in the kitchen and poisoned the bread he gave the Lady Trancy!” he exclaimed. “He confessed and now he must pay the price for what he has done detective!” Jonathan tells me desperately. “Jonathan, your son will now be watched by imperial guards 24/7 understood?” I ask him. “Yes, most definitely.” he replies. “ I will now leave you all to… mourn whilst I report to the queen” I tell them all sympathetically.

I stand before the queen and bow, “I have discovered who the killer was.” I inform her. “And?” she asks. “It was Royce layton, the son of their head guard, he had confessed and is now under constant surveillance.” I explain. “And did any complications not including the death of lady Trancy occur?” she asks me. “Well, yes the Trancy children are now living with Sebastian and Elizabeth Abbott their aunt and uncle and I am not sure who to give ownership of the house to.” I reply politely. “Keep the children with their aunt and uncle for now and give the manor to Charles Whitehouse until the Trancy children are old enough to take over the manor.” She responds in an authoritative tone. “Of course your highness.” I say with a bow.

Once I sort everything out I sit in front of my fireplace drinking my earl grey tea. So much has happened in the past few days my mind is still having a hard time trying to comprehend. I try to relax, but find myself restless and at a loss of things to do. For once I would be happy with the case of a small thievery.


P.O.V. Detective Arthur Tiberius Lyons

The Layton family moves back into their old home and continue to live there. Royce died a mere year after the big fiasco because of his illness. Charles kept the house in perfect condition until he passed away peacefully of old age. The Trancy children took over the manor many years later. I was rewarded by the queen for solving the mystery and continued my job until I retired at 58.

P.O.V. Lady Louise Leanne Trancy

I now “live” happily in the heavens with Marcus watching over our children as they go through life. We were later joined by Royce, who, as we learnt did bad things, but with pure intentions and decided to forgive him for his wrongs.


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My teacher hated having to mark that story, apparently, he only asked for "two pages" and that I went a bit "overboard", but I'm the one who one who got an A+ so I think I win, just saying...

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Alexandria descriptiondescription

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I have truly learnt of the incompetence of my brother... He has a school project for which he needed to make cookies and then market them intelligently so that "customers" would buy them. He doesn't know how to bake, market nor wash a dish... I had to do just about everything, he just stirred things when I told him to and then I had to read everything on his report which basically needed to be redone completely. He said that his target market was Wal-Mart... I cannot understand how he got the idea that Wal-Mart is a possible target market, but he did... After that, I told him to clean the dishes so that he'd contribute in some way and every last one of them was still grimy and covered in fudge. Hardened fudge. And he's the older one... He must have yanked me back into the womb by the umbilical cord, there's no way that he is at all the more mature between us in any way.

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I ate all the leftover fudge, this may be my last post before I die of sugar-induced blood saturation. It tasted good so I guess I'll at least die happily! In other news my little cousin is adorable! Her teeth are growing in so when her mum picks her up she's happy, but as soon as she's put down she bawls her eyes and it's so sad, but at the same time so cute!

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I hate Phys Ed. We were forced to play American Egg Ball (Or as you may call it "football") in the freezing cold and rain in shorts and t-shirts. I'm pretty sure that's unhealthy, but you know, it's far more important that I know how to get open for a pass right? The fact that I hadn't eaten lunch didn't make running around anymore enjoyable either. Then there is the awkwardness of being stuck between my brother and his girlfriend on the walk home so that was a whole new level of excruciating as well. Luckily my day was saved by Kelsey giving me a cookie the size of a pizza! Yay!

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The lesson of the day kids! Never trust your friends!

I was shoved into the boy's changeroom because I closed my eyes for one minute... They stood at the door holding it closed and I couldn't open it... It's not a fun situation... Luckily my brother had phys ed. so I got out safely, but still... I don't understand their logic... Apparently, they thought it was empty so it would be harmless. Anywho, never trust friends and in the case that you do, you'd best have blackmail with which to silence them with. Works everytime.

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☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "The lesson of the day kids! Never trust your friends!

I was shoved into the boy's changeroom because I closed my eyes for one minute... They stood at the door holding it closed and I couldn't open..."

That's terrible!

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Well, I may or may not have locked one of them in a walk-in closet with a guy until they finally sorted out their relationship problems so I probably deserved it... But hey, after the past two years of those two having crushes on one another they finally started dating! At least what I did was fruitful.

Lesson number two: Never tell me that you never get a moment alone in which to tell someone you like them.

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Oh, and lesson number three! Don't wear or own any black clothes when you have the cat the size of a dog, you will never escape the fur. On a similar note, also don't hug someone covered in glitter, you'll never escape the glitter either! I'm currently covered in glittery cat fur and it's not the best look... I've considered changing, but I have a feeling I'll just get covered in more cat fur so I'm just keeping the clothes I have on while my cat claims my bed as it's own and I get to have half a pillow...

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One of my neighbours refuses to mow their lawn and it appears to be an actual jungle, the grass was three feet high and hidden somewhere in it was their dog. Every house on my street has neatly mowed lawns and well-tended gardens. It seems the family across the street took it upon themselves to deal with the problem. My brother knows them, personally, I don't really, but the father and the oldest son went out and mowed their lawn when they weren't home. My neighbour got home a couple hours later and looked so confused, her face was priceless. Her lawn also looked lovely and that act exceeded the pricelessness of her face, I'm going to have to thank those two for mowing her bloody lawn!

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After reading over everything I have here I have come to realise that I neglected my most striking feature, something that most people notice the second they see me. I have "violet eyes". I put it in quotations as it's technically impossible to have truly violet eyes. Like the majority of my family, my eyes are, by technicality blue, mine, in particular, is a very specific shade. Scientifically what happens is that my blue eyes reflect light in a way that causes them to appear violet in colour. The brighter the area the more purple my eyes become and the darker the bluer.

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Hallie (inkyhallie) | 16128 comments ☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "After reading over everything I have here I have come to realise that I neglected my most striking feature, something that most people notice the second they see me. I have "violet eyes". I put it ..."

Wow I've always wanted to have eyes that appear purple! And the minute I read this, I remembered Alexandria's genesis xD

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Well, I just looked that up, it began in Egypt which is where the city of Alexandria is located, the city after which I am named. I'm curious as to if it may have been named after the city. If not it may have been named after King Alexander the great himself as Alexandria was not a typical name in Egypt until the Ptolemaic Greeks arrived. Sadly I'm not lucky enough to have the genetic mutation of violet eyes so mine aren't quite at the level of the supposed Alexandria's Genesis, still though it was fun to research!

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Hallie (inkyhallie) | 16128 comments Yep, although I think think anyone is sure whether it actually exists. I hope you don't mind me posting here!

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Alexandria It's perfectly fine! I don't mind it in the slightest!

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Oh dear... I seem to have cut straight through an entire layer of skin... I've been bleeding in tiny amounts for the past four and a half hours... My brother also felt the need to scare me with the godforsaken demon scorpion of his... I guess I'll just have to lock him in his room with m dog-sized cat and hope that she decides to lay on him while he sleeps. Not really, but I do wish he'd stop doing that... My grade average also just dropped to a 98% which is extremely disappointing. Luckily, my mum just confirmed that I'll get to visit my grandparents in France for a week over the Summer, yay!

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I love Ben's little sister Grace, she walked up to me with six 1st place track and field ribbons pinned to her shirt and I asked how she got so many of them, I mean, in my life I've never gotten a first place ribbon at all so I was curious. She just smiles and takes them all off leaving one little sixth place ribbon and says, "This one's mine the rest are all Ben's!" and then she just walks away. She just wore his six 1st place ribbons around all day not mentioning that they weren't hers unless you asked. Ben didn't care either, in fact, I think he was the one that suggested she take them, but still, the fact that she actually did that is adorable. She also tried to sneakily take more of his ribbons from other years as well, she wasn't successful at it though.

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My brother ate all my chocolates... I skipped a lunch break to go get all those chocolates, but he ate every last one of them... I wanted to eat them over this weekend, but now they're all gone... This is highly disappointing and I do not recommend stealing someone's chocolate, you will cause only pain...

In other news, I made a massive pot of leek and potato soup! I'll have soup enough to last me days! Yay! So much soup! No one can have any of my soup... It's all mine! To get my soup you must do a test, and in the words of Gandalf, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

Anywho, I feel like listing some of my favourite songs (Or ones I REALLY like) so her goes!

Je T'Aime -

Je Suis Malade -

Fantasie Impromptu -

Ballade No. 1 in G Minor Op. 23 -

Hamilton (All Songs) -

Heathers (All Songs) -

Là Où Je T'Emmenerai -

Tourner Dans La Vide -

Superficial Love -

Nancy Mulligan -

Mama Said -

Criminal Mind -

(Just about anything by Charles Aznavour, it's old, but he has a voice that is to die for) -

Love Story -

Quand C'est (All of Stromae's music is extremely meaningful, I HIGHLY recommend listening to all his songs and finding lyric translations if you don't understand French) -

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor -

The Phantom Of The Opera -

Bohemian Rhapsody (If you don't like and know every lyric to this song by heart I can't trust you) -

Skinny Love -

Just Give Me A Reason (This song hs been stuck in my head for the past four years so it had to be on this list) -

Skyfall -

Barman -

Mademoiselle Noir -

Revolutionary Etude -

Expect regular updates to this post!

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I went swimming today! I was out there for a while, but then I bashed my ankle against a water filter and it started to bleed. Then the chlorine made it feel like there was a sewing needle stabbed into my ankle! Fun right?! I got out as quickly as I could, but then I discovered I was locked out of the house! My cat then proceeded to sit on the windowsill in all her dog sized glory and meow at me from inside. I was out there for ten minutes before anyone realised that I was sitting there with a bleeding chlorinated ankle. Lesson of the day, never go swimming without another person there to help you when you bash your ankle against a water filter!

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I think I may have taken breakfast for dinner a bit far... I had a heavily buttered croissant, a jalapeno cheese bagel, a vanilla greek yoghurt, an apple, grapes, an earl grey with cardamom tea, a stroopwafel and two slices of a meat known as Huntsman loaf. I also had a few cherry tomatoes, I topped the yoghurt with a drizzle of honey, a few cherries, some brie and goat cheese and finally, for my dessert type thing an eclair! Everything was fresh though, we went to a farmers market so I just couldn't help myself.

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Yay! More tornado warnings! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! It's not like I'm already terrified of storms and thunder and lightning! I love tornadoes, yay!

We had a family picnic this weekend, sadly a lot of people couldn't make it this year because of the weather. We've also had a guest too! my mum's friend from work is having moving troubles so while she sorts that out her son Lucas, who will be going to my school is staying with us! He came to the picnic and won a jar of tea bags, exhilarating right? My brother may or may not have tried to eat a tea bag which may or may not have been a very bad idea.

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I'm going to have tea at noon tomorrow and then bubble tea time on Thursday! I'm excited to finally have high tea and especially excited to try bubble tea, apparently, it's quite good!

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Ben plays the guitar now apparently... He's been learning to play for the past month and a half and just never mentioned it. I'm also not sure why I learnt this through my brother either... They barely spend time together when I'm not there so how he found this out whilst I did not confuses me... Before today I have never even heard his name appear in the same sentence as the word guitar, but now he's suddenly a guitarist? Sadly it's a guitar so he won't properly fit in with my whole little group of classical musicians... Oh well, how this never came up still perplexes me, but good on him for taking on a hobby!

I volunteered at my middle school today and realised how tiny it was, the building has tiny little hallways and little doorways too... Oh how glad I was to not have inherited my father's height, it would have been pretty rough in there... I ended up doing all the work for the school secretaries, a lot of filing papers, filling out documents, printing, copying and running up and down the stairs to check in on things. I also had to fold 500 papers in half... Very tedious if I may say so myself.

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I watched three Audrey Hepburn films today, it was very peaceful... Oh, how lovely it is to be freed from the constraints of school for the Summer... I get to have time to spend with friends instead of with my age old nemesis, homework... Darn you homework! I think I am technically a vigilante now as well... I've had to stop Vanessa from actually stalking Carson... All year she's followed him around and it's mildly disturbing... She denies it as well despite the fact even her best friend calls her out on it. Poor Carson has been trying to get rid of her and she simply won't give up. I was able to get Cassidy to time our movie watching perfectly so we could watch Roman Holiday at the same time even though she lives back in England.

Oh, and my cat may or may not have eaten my brother, I haven't seen him all day, last time I did see him he went in his room with the cat, the cat came out, but he still has yet to... Yay! I'm the only child now! Freedom from his tyrannical reign as the older twin! In other news, I have been listening to an odd amount of Marina and The Diamonds, I quite enjoy her acoustic versions, they truly are lovely. This particular one has been stuck in my head.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments I wish I could write like you! I am not very well with words I guess.....0.0

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From what I have seen of your writing you are quite talented! Personally, I find my own writing repetitive, In often use the exact same wordings over and over again... Much of my writing is made decent only by my natural habit of speaking rather formally so it transfers through by means of my wording, which, once again, ends up repeating.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments I thank you for the compliment, I too try not to use the same words over and over again, but I rather love how formally you talk, it feels like I'm in the older days, where women had to wear corsets and went to balls. I think that if you ever write a book you would be very good at it.

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You needn't thank me for complimenting you, be prideful, you are a quality writer! As for that whole older days piece, etiquette classes tend to do that to you. I'm often compared to Queen Elizabeth because of how I speak and certain mannerisms that I have. Things along the lines of "peachy", "hussy" and a regular use of "delightful and "classy" have brought about a lot of such comparisons. It doesn't help that I still have the English accent either. As far as writing a book is concerned I'd run out of creativity within the first twenty pages. As a matter of fact, I have at one point made such an attempt simply out of curiosity, I made it through a couple of pages before running out of any ideas, though I am flattered that you think so higly of my writing!

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments I am the same! I think that if I ever write a book I would need someone to help me though, I don't usually run out of creativity, but how would books ever come to the world if writers ran out of creativity? I write little stories, but if I'm ever going to write a long one and publish it, I'd certainly want a bit of help doing it.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments That is mostly why I do better in roleplays, in rolepays you don't usually have writer blocks or run out of creativity. You have someone to help you with the story

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Precisely, the back and forth allows the bouncing of ideas with another person and creates greater plot diversity as the other person will have unique perspectives and thoughts that you may never have thought of!

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments Correct

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The bloody rain (Not actual bloody rain... That would be horrifying...) ruined all my plans for the day! I was supposed to have ice cream! Now I'm stuck at home without any of it... Truly tragic... I suppose that I must accept the harsh reality that I am not meant to love the ice cream... Don't worry ice cream... Ours will just be a forbidden love... And Scene! Really though, I want that ice cream, luckily Ben said he'd take me for ice cream tomorrow, yay! I've had probably about five cups of tea in compensation so I should be able to make until then. Also, it turns out my cat did NOT eat my brother... Very disappointing dear, very disappointing, there will be no soft food in your bowl tonight! NONE!

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments We had rain in our state too! It was fabulous while I read Six of Crows and drank my tea.

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I've been reading these to graphic novels my brother gave me all day... He was watching this cool show so I sat and watched it with him, apparently, it's based on these two graphic novels he has so I said I'd read them before watching the rest of the show with him. The main character has the power to make people do whatever he says, but he didn't know he had the power and so at one point he told a kid to go to hell and so off to hell the kid went. He also told one guy to go count all the grains of sand on a beach and so he went to do so.

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Freedom from all the social events of the past few days! Finally! I can deal with people for only so long... Much like Audrey Hepburn, I could easily spend Saturday through Sunday in complete solitude... Alas, 'twas not to be... I'm so excited though! Friday I leave the city, I'll be on a little family vacation, my cousins, aunt and uncle come along as well! After the weekend my brother and I are off to France to visit my grandparents in Marseilles! We'll get to visit Paris and Chambord along with Les Baux de Provence as well! We may get to go into "Les carrieres de Lumieres" and possibly the chateau as well! Yay! I can only pray for good weather... I'll try to update this journal with the events of my trip at the end of each day, but I can't make any guarantees.

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I seem to have forgotten to mention the fact that my cousin Luca is visiting (Luca and Lucas are two different people who are not to be confused with one another.), He's great, but the catch is that he still lives in France, he'll be catching the plane there with my brother and me. There was one day where my mum had nothing ready to be made for lunch, but I was going to get lunch with a few friends so I ended up bringing Luca with me which was very fun! A friend of mine seemed to have immediately developed a crush and started to flirt with him. I couldn't help but laugh as Luca just stared at her very perplexed. You see Luca doesn't know much English beyond the words yes, no, where are the bathrooms and help. Sadly she couldn't quite grasp this fact and somehow made it through an entire conversation with him just saying yes and no without understanding a word she said. Once I noticed I told her, but I love that he just went along with it and pretended he understood. I spent the rest of the day translating for him and may I say he was quite popular. Later the exact same person wished to say goodbye, but to be polite she wanted to say bye the way you would in France, the kisses on the cheek. Luca had just adjusted to the wave goodbye so he was not ready for that and in his attempt of an escape she kissed him awkwardly on the corner of his mouth and he just went stiff as a board and the poor girl was red as a tomato... I ended up dragging him home and he just went on about how uncomfortable he was and then my phone was just filled with Emma (my friend) doing the exact same thing and apologising... It was a very eventful lunch, very eventful indeed, poor Luca looked like he was about to die... Today we all went to the Ripley's Aquarium, lots of peculiar people on the way there.... The fish, however, more than made up for it! Luca was very smiley about this one stingray that just stayed right by him and followed along when he moved. My brother, of course, liked the Sharks meanwhile I was sitting there with the cleaning shrimp letting them crawl all over my hands. My mum also spent an odd amount of time with the octopus and my dad was watching the baby seahorses, which were absurdly cute! I'll be on and off randomly starting tomorrow, I was never told the schedules of what would be happening, so it may be very sporadic.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments I think I've been laughing for about ten minutes because of what happened to Luca, I've always liked stingrays and aquariums, the fish and every other animal fascinates me

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It was awkward at the moment of, but it's funny to look back on now, I doubt he or Emma would feel that way. Based on the fact that he was muttering "Tu-moi maintenant" Which means, kill me now, over and over most of the way home, he would still be pretty embarrassed... He was so sweet about it though, after a moment of awkward silence he apologised to her before turning away and walking a few metres to remove himself from the situation, but he was so embarrassed...

As for the fish, they are all quite interesting! There were several species, several of which are endangered or threatened, depending on how you view it keeping them in captivity could be either good or bad. Preservation and education or imprisonment is the question there. I like to be optimistic and think it's preservation and education otherwise I'll end up feeling like an awful person... The sharks are likely the easiest to observe there due to their size and activity, but I found the jellyfish to be quite enthralling, they had a display of them, a wall really and it looked surreal to the point that I almost couldn't believe that it was real.

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Angel Gavrikova | 1243 comments Ah, yes, jellyfish. Such amazing creatures, surviving as they do for thousands of years. Jellyfish are my favorite type of creatures. I do love the especially deadly ones, they just look so nice.

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