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message 1: by Rose ♥, Long live the Queen (new)

Rose ♥ | 90 comments Mod
Get some help from your fellow members on your character here, such as face claim suggestions, detail refining, etc.

message 2: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 37 comments Aidan Turner as a blacksmith or a tavern owner?

message 3: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 9 comments tavern owner

message 4: by Kikki, I'm a smol prince who needs lotsa love (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) | 54 comments Mod
Tavern owner for sure, he's got a lotta gifs of him acting kinda silly and I feel like a Tavern owner could do that more and get more business than a blacksmith

of course that's if you go for that kinda persona XD

message 5: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 37 comments Sounds good~

message 6: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚ Lynn Collins or Ginnifer Goodwin for the queen?

message 7: by мαr ♚ (new)

мαr ♚
oh forgot names for the queen
Eerika Brynhildr Holloway ( nicknamed Eeri or Rika )
Snow Isobela Helena Holloway ( nicknamed Snowflake by the king )


message 8: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 37 comments I like Eerika! It's such a pretty name :)

message 9: by bubblewaffles (new)

bubblewaffles What's the last name of the Duke family again?

message 10: by Rose ♥, Long live the Queen (new)

Rose ♥ | 90 comments Mod
Because the Duke is the King's brother, they have the same name. So it's Holloway as well.

message 11: by bubblewaffles (new)

bubblewaffles Thanks :)

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