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Pandora (The Organization, #1)
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message 1: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Grant | 5 comments Are you over the LV-426 that they made a new Alien movie? Are you itching to bust out your flamethrower and roast a Xenomorph? Well then maybe I have just the thing for you (no, you can’t torch anything with a flamethrower, sorry). I’ve always loved the Alien franchise and have tried to pack all the gritty action, the corporate betrayals, and the claustrophobic isolation into my horror novel Pandora. In it, a cruise ship goes missing, reemerging a week later transmitting a single word—Pandora—prompting a Special Forces team to investigate. Check it out at the link below if you’re interested…or just nuke it from space. It’s the only way to be sure.

message 2: by D (new)

D . (drew_readsya) | 23 comments Hi! Can you dm me? Im interested in paperback!

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