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Bad Boy Elf (Destined Dates #4)
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E.A. Turley (eaturley) | 15 comments Calpernicus is an Elf with a difference. He’s lost his powers after being magically attacked by a Fey Witch, and has been exiled to Earth to live in the Human Realm.
Now the only person that can help him to recover his magic is the last person he was expecting.
Lillie has just moved out of the Fey Realm to start a new life. She wants to find her true mate and be able to have a happy family of her own. Although she was unprepared for who she found, she decides to make the best of it.
But is that going to be possible?

This is a paranormal romance novella that centers around a dating agency for supernatural beings. If you aren't interested in shifters, witches, and elves then this book isn't for you.
But if you like fantasy and would like to escape reality for a bit then I have Mobi's and epub's available right now. Msg me with your email and I'll send them on to you.
Many thanks,
Liz :)

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Robin Goodfellow | 21 comments Hi E.A.!

I would love to review your book! In exchange, would you review my short story, also a Paranormal Romance, called Masquerade. Email me at if you're interested.


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